Fernando Alonso goes crazy with his new car: this is the Alpine A521

The team Alpine, in which this 2021 will run Fernando Alonso, has presented the A521, although with a provisional decoration. At the moment the car is black in homage to the 1975 A500, Renault’s first Formula 1. Of course, the car also has allusions to the French flag and also to the British one.

The Alpine team has presented their car via social media with the following message: “We are proud to present our 2021 #FormulaOne single seater, the A521, dressed in his temporary winter livery. The black color is a tribute to the 1975 A500 F1 prototype ”.

This message, which has been retweeted by Fernando Alonso, has been commented by Esteban Ocon, who will be his teammate: “Welcome Alpine. Can’t wait to get the A521 on the track for the first time”. Alonso, for his part, has reacted with three smiley face emojis with heart-shaped eyes to a video of the French team entitled: “Alpine, born in the Alps, bred for racing. Here begins a new challenge ”.

It should be noted that Alpine will be a one hundred percent electric brand that will use Formula 1 as “a great marketing tool”. “Formula 1 is at the heart of this project and although 2021 is a year of transition, for us and for everyone, in 2022 we want to be constantly on the podium”, Said Laurent Rossi, who will be the new head of Fernando Alonso after the departure of Cyril Abiteboul.

Alpine’s goals in 2021

Luca de Meo, CEO of the Renault Group, who today spoke about ‘Renaulution’, wants to see both Alonso and Ocon on the podium in 2021 as he acknowledged when he publicly said goodbye to Abiteboul: “I would like to give a warm thanks to Cyril for relentlessly engaging, which has taken the Formula 1 team from last place in 2016 to podium finishes last season. His remarkable work in Formula 1 since 2007 allows us to look to the future with a solid team and a new identity to conquer this year’s podiums”.

With the aim of fighting for the podiums in 2021, Fernando Alonso will have on your team, in addition to Laurent rossi, with Davide Brivio, the man who has made Joan Mir a MotoGP champion. The Italian has landed in Formula 1 with the aim of Alonso adding his third World Cup, something that Brivio already got with Valentino rossi when it came to Yamaha. Both achieved four championships together and such was the importance of Davide Brivio in Rossi’s successes that he was hired by the pilot to manage his career when he signed for Ducati. Now he comes to Alpine with the endorsement of having made MotoGP champion Suzuki twenty years later.

In addition, both Alonso and Esteban Ocon will have a car “half new” as admitted by Pat Fry, technical director of Alpine: “Although most of the parts of the car are homologated and cannot be changed, in reality there are still a few things open and at stake. Nor you can make a whole new car, but you can make half a new one. We are currently analyzing what we think makes sense and we try to do everything possible. “

2022, Alpine’s great goal

However, Alpine’s main objective is to be competitive in 2022, the date on which the change in regulations will come into force that is called to reduce the differences that exist between the teams. “Next season there will be a continuation of Mercedes’ dominance, but in 2022 we have high hopes. The goal is clear 2021 year of preparation, of integration with the team where a podium would be fantastic, but in 2022 with the regulation change, dreaming of winning and being up again”, Fernando Alonso pointed out in this regard.

Experts like Pedro Martinez de la Rosa o Alain Prost sees the Asturian proclaiming himself Formula 1 champion again. “I don’t see anyone beating Mercedes in 2021; in 2022, maybe Renault and Alonso”, Assured the latter. Pedro Martínez de la Rosa, for his part, commented: “He loves Formula 1. These years abroad have made him appreciate what Formula 1 is. It is a second part, but it will be very positive for Formula 1 in general, not just for him. You can win the World Cup again”.

Alpine car design won’t be released until February

Antony Villain, Alpine Design Director, stressed that the car’s colors will not be released until next February: “The livery presented today is the first evocation of the new identity of the Alpine F1 team. Some of the structural graphic elements will remain, while others will change. The ‘oversized’ Alpine emblem in a tricolor graphic system is the first clear symbol of the brand’s identity in motorsports. Blue, white and red refer to the colors of the French and British flags.a, which is very important to us ”.