Fernando Alonso feels confident to score in Austria

06/24/2021 at 10:44 AM CEST

Fernando Alonso you have every reason to believe you can score in the Styrian GP, one of the two great prizes to be held at the Austrian Red Bull Ring. It cannot be forgotten that Alonso has managed to take home points in the last two races.

The detractors of the Asturian they might think it was luck. Well it is true that the baku circuit it is urban and they tend to be a real lottery but they are also incredibly fun. In contrast, the French GP circuit is totally conventional and it also managed to maintain the streak.

Magic hopes to re-create the same feelings it created in the past, which is why it believes it can make major successes and even win a grand prize. Alpine believes it could lead to this Team still small to the greatest of Formula 1. It is no wonder since Alonso is a deeply experienced rider who knows the Austrian circuit very well.

For his part, his partner Esteban Ocon will seek get a good feeling since you have not yet achieved maintain a streak similar to that of Fernando Alonso.

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