Fernando Alonso completes 190 laps in the Renault RS18 in Abu Dhabi

Fernando Alonso’s re-adaptation program to Formula 1 has experienced a new chapter at the Yas Marina circuit, in which he has completed two days of training with the Renault R.S18 from two seasons ago.

Fernando Alonso is making the most of the autumn and this Monday he has completed the fifth and for the moment the last test day scheduled as part of his preparation for the return to Formula 1 in 2021.

Both on Sunday and today, Fernando Alonso was present with the Renault team at the Yas Marina circuit, where he rode aboard the RS18 two seasons ago. The Spanish pilot completed 74 laps on the first touchdown, finishing today with 116 laps to the track where the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be held in less than a month.

“It was fantastic to be back in the car, to feel the speed of Formula 1 in the 2018 car again, to know the team procedures. I enjoyed every lap, I am looking forward to next year to compete again and in the meantime I will support the team in the final races », Fernando Alonso has expressed in a short video at the end of the double test day.

At the moment, Renault has not communicated that it has scheduled more test days for Fernando Alonso, although it still trusts that the FIA ​​will allow the Spaniard to be present in the December test that will also be held in Yas Marina, although with the cars of this year and 2021 tires.

A useful shoot with the 2018 car

Although the main shoot is being completed with the RS18 from two seasons ago, which at first may make it seem that it will not be very useful for Fernando Alonso, both the pilot and the team affirm that it will allow to shorten the adaptation times for both parties.

Marcin Budkowski, CEO of Renault, says that “it is an opportunity to work with Alonso on things like the wheel, the position of his favorite button, how he wants to activate the different systems and practice our procedures. It seems simple. But the more we practice these things, the less we will have to do during the winter tests ».

“The car is different,” admits Budkowski. “It is 2018 and we have improved a lot since then. But in the end, getting used to a Renault, even if it’s two years old, is beneficial », concludes.