Fernando Alonso and the president of Renault give themselves a year

The team Renault It will be renamed Alpine in 2021, which will be a transitional year for the team as the regulation change planned for 2022 allows it to fight for the podium regularly. This has been recognized Luca de meo, President of Renault. Previously Fernando Alonso He had already stated that this season will continue to be dominated by Mercedes.

What we expect in 2021 is a year of transition, mainly focused on brand recognition. A team that will appear regularly in newspapers and on television, ”said Luca de Meo in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “Later in 2022 we hope to be on the podium regularly, with the potential to win a race”, Added the president of Renault.

Like Luca de Meo, Fernando Alonso has pointed out: “We know that in 2021 only Hamilton and Mercedes can win, but many of us are looking forward to 2022: Alpine, Ferrari, Carlos, Verstappen, Red Bull, etc. Many are hopeful, but unfortunately not for 2021 ”.

Fernando Alonso’s goal is to win

Even so, the Asturian stated: “We will all be in a position to put our cars on the track and see if someone can cope with Mercedes. It is difficult to guarantee that, it is not an exact science. We will be well prepared and we hope to fight in 2022, but nothing can guarantee it ”.

On the other hand, Fernando Alonso stressed: “I am not going to return to Formula 1 to go to the restaurants in each city and travel all year round. I’m back for a reason: to do well and try to win. In sports, you win or lose. Being fifth is better than being seventh, better than being twelfth, but there is not much difference. Either you win or you lose. The goal is to win”.

Alpine’s goal is to win and sell cars

Shortly after Alpine’s arrival at the Gran Circo was confirmed, Luca de Meo had stated: “I have been a fan of Formula 1 since I was a child. I’m a car guy, not a business guy. I like sports. Alpine has a great racing tradition. The car is very nice, we have Alonso and we are going to give Alpine a sense of business”.

“We want a championship with brands that fight and riders with character until last year. Fernando is a great pilot, sometimes the planets line up, same color, we both go home. Alonso is very motivated. Maybe it could be good luck. The car has improved in performance. Next year we will not improve much, but we will in 2022. In this phase, having an expert like Fernando is very good for us on a technical and organizational level ”, added the president of Renault.

Regarding the signing of Fernando Alonso, Luca de Meo commented: “We did not sign him just because he is a fabulous rider and his motivation will drive everyone. We also hired him because he fits perfectly with us from a marketing perspective. ” “The goal is to win the race on Sunday and sell more cars on Monday”, Stressed the president of Renault.

Alpine and Fernando Alonso’s goals in 2021

Despite the fact that Luca de Meo has considered 2021 as a year of transition, the president of Renault hopes that the team will take a step forward: “We have to do better than last year, that means getting more podiums. The real challenge will come in 2022 with the change of regulation ”.

Fernando Alonso, for his part, wanted to make clear: “I have no goal regarding a specific position. It would be nice to get on the podium. This season it seems that there were more possibilities than in others for the rest of the teams, but I am aware that those podiums came due to catastrophes from Mercedes. Doing a podium and savoring the champagne again would be fantastic ”.

Luckily for the Spaniard, in Alpine they are aware of the handicap for him having been away from the Great Circus. “I believe that you have to take into account the disadvantage at which you will start with respect to the rest of the pilots of the grill, considering that has not raced in Formula 1 for two years”Commented Marcin Budkowski, CEO of Renault. “I can understand that for Carlos Sainz or Ricciardo the challenge of next season with a new team will be complicated, because they will have to learn a new working method and they will have to interact with unknown engineers, butor in the case of Fernando it will be different considering his prolonged absence”, He added

I think it will be very difficult for Fernando to be immediately at the level where Daniel Ricciardo left ‘his’ car. Fernando will certainly have many requirements for the team, but the team will also have high requirements for Fernando: to start the season immediately as hard as possible, ”said Sergey Sirotkin, who was Renault’s reserve driver in 2020.

In addition, Fernando Alonso will only have a day and a half of preseason to adapt to his new car: “It will be difficult for Fernando to get used to the car in just a day and a half of testing. This is true for most of the drivers, but in a particular way for him seeing his absence from Formula 1 the last two years ”, insisted Marcin Budkowski. For all this, 2021 will be a year of transition for him.