Fernando Alonso advances in his recovery: he is already balancing and cycling on a roller

The Asturian pilot has shared two more images of his return to training, in which it is seen that he is on the right track and that he barely has visible marks. The goal is for him to arrive in full condition at the Bahrain test on March 12.

Ten days after the great scare he had, Fernando Alonso He seems to be gradually recovering his physical training routine to be 100% on his return to the paddock.

The Asturian has shared two images in which his face can be seen somewhat more than the last one he shared and, in addition, in these two he already performs exercises more similar to those he usually did in his daily preparation work.

This is how Fernando Alonso has remained after his accident: first photo after the operationThis is how Fernando Alonso has remained after his accident: first photo after the operationRead news

In one of the photos he appears on a balancing bosu, with a large ball. In this image it is remarkable that, unlike the first one, his mouth is a little more open and that he still has a small swelling in the upper lip, possibly also due to the fact that he is wearing a mouth guard. The second image is very representative: Alonso has already got on a bike again. In this case it does it while standing, since it is on a roller.

If everything goes according to plan and the recovery of his injuries and his mouth progresses correctly, nothing suggests that Alonso is going to miss the preseason nor the presentation of the Alpine A521 on March 2.

The times play in favor of Alonso, who immediately went back to work to prevent the forced break of between 7 and 10 days recommended by the doctors from affecting his state of form. It is expected that these days you will visit a dentist and your maxillofacial surgeon again to pass review of the intervention he was subjected to on the 12th, hours after his coup in Lugano.