Fernández asked Ginés González García to resign

Alberto Fernández asked the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, to meet this Friday after the scandal unleashed by the vaccination of journalist Horacio Verbitsky.

Verbitsky assured in his radio program that he personally communicated with González García and that he offered to give himself the coronavirus vaccine.

« I decided to get vaccinated. I started to find out where to do it. I called my old friend Ginés González García, whom I have known since long before he was a minister, » said the journalist from El Cohete a la Luna, who added that then the minister He said to go get vaccinated at the Posadas hospital.

However, Verbitsky immediately stated: « When I was about to go to the Posadas hospital, I received a message from the secretary of Ginés who told me that a team of vaccinators from Posadas was going to come to the ministry and to go to the ministry to give me the vaccine. »

The journalist’s public statement generated enormous repudiation in the general public sphere and ended up leading to his resignation from the ministry. It is still unknown who will be his replacement.

After the scandal, the President instructed the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, to ask González García to resign.

The now former minister had returned to the management of the Health area with the inauguration of Alberto Fernández, on December 10, 2019. His management had received criticism during the last year for the management in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, so There have been rumors for months about his possible displacement from the ministry, as part of a Cabinet oxygenation plan. However, Verbitsky’s assertions eventually precipitated his resignation in a surprising way.



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