Fermín, sixth apprentice expelled after the Ancor play-off

On the night of Monday, February 22, ‘Maestros de la couture’ issued its fifth gala, in which the apprentices once again demonstrated their talent with fashion, in addition to were able to receive one of their old companions, Ancor, who was expelled in the previous gala, to the sadness of the apprentices and the jury, but managed to return in the repechage. What’s more, The appointment concluded with a new expulsion, in this case Fermín, who was definitively saying goodbye to the talent show.

Ancor, plethora after being re-caught in ‘Masters of sewing’

The event started with the apprentices facing the challenge of making a trendy black dress, with an impeccable design and perfect stitching, under the supervision of designer Roberto Diz. A challenge to which an unexpected change was added: the exchange of fabrics between the apprentices, once they had chosen them. After the 90 minutes of rigor, Lluís and Fermín occupied the first positions, while Gabriel and Laura were the worst rated, especially the second. « It is a worthy successor to ‘León eats gamba’, the worst we have had in this workshop », criticized María Escoté, after the apprentice presented a half-made garment.

For the team event, the apprentices went to the Teatro Real in Madrid, where they had as a guest Sandy Powell, one of the most important costume designers in the world. With Lluís and Fermín as captains of the two groups, their task was to reproduce two costumes from the theater’s tailoring shop, specifically, what women of the 19th century upper bourgeoisie would wear, a challenge that ended with the victory of the former’s team, who received praise from the judges for their « magnificent choice of fabrics » and the very good organization of the team.  » . While, Elena, Álvaro, Ana, Nani and Ancor had the opportunity to fight for their return to the talent show, with the company of Mariana Barturen, one of the best millinery in Spain. All of them had to elaborate a design in which they had to include a flower chosen by the guest, inspired by an operatic work, whose final touch was the repechage of Ancor, of whom Palomo Spain praised that « you have only made a dress worthy of a equipment test « .

« It has been the experience of my life »

Fermín, excited to say goodbye to ‘Masters of sewing’

Upon your return to the workshop, Fermín, Mily, Yelimar and Gabriel were the protagonists of a tie whose objective was for each of the apprentices to recycle one of the garments that they had made throughout the other programs.. A demonstration of creativity and knowledge, with Bibiana Fernández and Anabel Alonso as guests, which left Fermín out of the program. « It has been the experience of my life, I have had a great time, » said the apprentice, before which the judges bet that it had been « a bad day » for him.

This stumble, unfortunately, became the reason why Fermín ended up out of the contest, after presenting a top derived from a skirt that was described by the judges as a « lousy confection. » « ‘Masters of needlework’, for me, has meant falling in love with sewing again. I don’t know how to explain all the emotions I’ve experienced, it’s incredible », praised the man from Huelva, to later add that « I am leaving supersatisfied with having dared to live the experience » before saying goodbye to his colleagues and definitively ending his time on the program.