« Feminism is on our side »

On February 21, ‘The objective’ dedicated its program to discuss the draft of the Trans Law, proposed by the Ministry of Equality and of which part of the PSOE has come to disengage. For this, Ana Pastor’s program included Soledad Murillo, former Secretary of Equality, the lawyer Cristina Almeida, the lawyer Marina Sáenz and the activist and socialist deputy Carla Antonelli.

Soledad Murillo and Carla Antonelli in ‘The Objective’

The debate featured Antonelli and Sáenz as representatives of the trans collective and voices defending the draft. For their part, Murillo and Almeida represented a more critical position, even ensuring that the law would be too « complex » for society to understand. Ending the program, Antonelli spoke his words of defense towards the draft.

« I want to make it clear that when many speak of the ‘feminist movement’, it is not the feminist movement; they are some people with names and surnames, » said the deputy in relation to the accusations of some specific people who would ensure that feminism would be « against « of the Trans Law. « The feminist movement is written with capital letters, and there are many feminists who are on our side and support us without any doubt, pun intended, speaking of gender identity, which has been consecrated since 2007 « .

Against transphobia

The debate comes a few days after an incident that Carla Antonelli herself would experience, when a Vox rep would address her using the male gender repeatedly. In ‘El intermedio’, Sandra Sabatés made a plea against transphobia: « What happened yesterday to Carla Antonelli it happens every day to thousands of trans people who are waiting for initiatives like the Zerolo Law or the Trans Law to be approved « .

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