Femicide in La Falda: they found the body of Ivana Modica after her ex-partner confessed to the crime


Ex-boyfriend of Ivana Modica, who was detained as part of the case for the disappearance of the woman in the Cordovan town of La Falda, confessed that he killed her and revealed that he buried her body behind a hotel in the area, where the police could later find it.

Is about Javier Galvan, who was arrested last Monday at the request of the Cosquín prosecutor, Jorgelina Gómez. According to what the suspect’s lawyer revealed, Felipe Jure, in dialogue with the television channel El Doce, its client “He pleaded guilty to Ivana’s femicide” this friday night

After he acknowledged having murdered his former partner, the man detailed to the authorities that he had buried her behind Eden hotel, located in a region known as the Square Road.

The security forces went to that place, mounted an important operation and, together with the accused, began to search the remains of the 47-year-old woman, which had been seen for the last time on Thursday of last week.

As published by the local channel Cadena 3, within a few hours the special groups of the Police, led by the deputy chief of the Police, Ariel leclerc, and with the collaboration of the firefighters, they were able to find the body at the site indicated by Galván.

It would have been the 44-year-old Air Force pilot himself who this Friday night requested to speak with the prosecutor Gómez in the courts of Cosquín to confess to the crime, after almost a week of being detained in the framework of this investigation.

According to the researchers, Ivana last communicated with her daughter Nicole last Thursday around midnight, when she exchanged messages with her cell phone: “The last person who saw her was her partner. I spoke to him and he said that he had left home to go to work and she had fallen asleep. Apparently his plan was to go to the hill in the daytime. She was super happy and happy, “the young woman explained days ago.

Javier Galván confessed to the crime Javier Galván confessed to the crime

It was Galván himself who made the police report for the disappearance on Friday, arguing that he had left for work at 6.30 and when he returned in the afternoon the woman was not at home.

At that time, the now confessed femicide had assured the police that, allegedly, the woman had gone out for a walk in the area of ​​Cerro La Banderita, in La Falda. Based on this information, a rapid and intense search operation was mounted with personnel from the Fire, Police, Civil Defense and other organizations, both by land with dogs and by air with drones and a helicopter.

However, as the hours passed and as a result of the “contradictions” in the testimonial statement and for “violating the distancing order” that was imposed months ago, the Cosquín Prosecutor, Jorgelina Gómez, requested the arrest of the suspicious.

It happens that Galván could not approach his ex-partner due to a complaint that he had against him and that Modica had made some time ago for gender violence. At first, the man was charged with the crimes of “aggravated false testimony and disobedience to authority.”

On Tuesday morning, security personnel went through La Falda Dam in search of any trace of the missing woman, but in the afternoon, Pablo Gómez, the third fire chief of La Falda, explained that, after several hours of raking, the result was negative.

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