Félix Verdejo’s wife changes her profile picture on Instagram, but still does not publicly react to the murder of Keishla Rodríguez

The area of ​​the Teodoro Moscoso bridge, in the metropolitan area of ​​Puerto Rico, through which the body of Keishla Marlen Rodríguez would have been thrown.

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Eliz Marie Santiago Sierra, wife of boxer Félix Verdejo, accused by federal authorities in Puerto Rico of murdering Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz, who was pregnant with him, changed her profile picture on Instagram, but still remains silent on the case facing him. father of his daughter.

In the image, Santiago Sierra is seen posing in profile; she looks freshly combed and made up.

The young woman has not uploaded photos or videos on the wall or in stories on that social network since last April 26.

Before the murder of Rodríguez Ortiz was reported, with whom Verdejo had an extramarital affair, Santiago Sierra was very active in networks such as Instagram, where he shared his outings almost daily with Verdejo and their daughter, as well as makeup and beauty tutorials.

Despite being estranged from the boxer, who is in the Guaynabo federal prison without the right to bail with a serious legal situation in tow, Santiago Sierra maintains the photos he shared online in which he appears with Verdejo.

Verdejo’s wife has been cited twice by federal authorities in Puerto Rico

At the end of last May, Santiago attended appointments with the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations (FBI) in San Juan and with a grand jury that is investigating the case to determine if they will present additional charges against the defendants in the case or they will proceed with new accusations against more suspects in the case by the kidnapping and murder of Rodríguez Ortiz on April 29. To the grand jury in the federal court in Puerto Rico, the young woman was accompanied by her mother.

Verdejo’s wife’s lawyers indicated that their client was cited as a witness and that it has nothing to do with the crime.

“They are summoned as witnesses, they are not suspected of any crime, that they become witnesses in the future, because nobody knows, right. For you to be a witness in a case, you have to be aware of some facts, and that is what the federal prosecutor’s office is doing at the moment, ”stated attorney Pedro Rivera.

“They are cited as witnesses, but that does not mean that they will be witnesses, that is very important to clarify …”, added Rivera.

Santiago Sierra has not spoken out about the murder of Keishla and the alleged involvement of Verdejo

Santiago Sierra has remained silent since the disappearance of Keishla and has not made any expression whatsoever about the federal case facing her husband, who is exposed to a life sentence or the death penalty.

So far, along with Verdejo, Luis Antonio Cádiz Martínez is accused, who would have helped the fighter in the murder under the promise that he would receive financial compensation. Cádiz Martínez ended up betraying Verdejo and confessing details of the crime to federal authorities.

The facts of which the boxer is accused

Rodríguez Ortiz, 27, was a month pregnant when she was thrown over the Teodoro Moscoso bridge into the San José lagoon after allegedly being hit in the face by Verdejo and injected with a mixture of heroin and fentanyl.

The alleged killers tied a concrete block to his body and tied his hands and feet before throwing it into the body of water in the metropolitan area of ​​Puerto Rico.

Verdejo had summoned Keishla not far from the Villa Esperanza residence where he was living on the morning of April 29 when he disappeared.

The young woman would show him the blood test confirming pregnancy which Verdejo did not want to take over.

The boricua died of suffocation by immersion, which means that when she fell into the water she was still alive although unconscious.

Verdejo and his partner allegedly committed the acts since the victim did not want to abort the baby that was in her womb at the request of the athlete.

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