Félix Verdejo, formally accused of the death of a pregnant woman

Keishla Rodriguez funeral begins 3:35

(CNN Spanish) – A federal investigative jury formally indicted boxer Félix Verdejo Sánchez and Luis Antonio Cádiz Martínez for the death of Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz.

Félix Verdejo and Cádiz Martínez face charges of car theft and kidnapping that resulted in the death of the woman, who was pregnant.

Verdejo also faces another charge for carrying and using a firearm during the alleged commission of the crime.


The indictment includes a notice of findings on the relevant facts and factors that make the case eligible for the death penalty if the defendants are found guilty.

According to the indictment, the defendants intentionally killed the victim and “committed the crime in a particularly heinous, cruel or depraved manner, since it involved serious physical abuse of the victim.”

In addition, they point out that the events occurred after “substantial planning and premeditation to cause the death of the victim.” The accusation indicates that “Verdejo Sánchez carried out the commission of the crime by means of payment or promise of payment or anything of pecuniary value.” While Cádiz Martínez would have committed the offense as “consideration for the receipt, or pending receipt of anything of pecuniary value.”

At the time of the accusation, Félix Verdejo was in jail. Cádiz Martínez was arrested and entered prison. The bond hearing in the case is scheduled for Tuesday, May 11.

CNN tried to get a reaction from lawyers for both defendants, but has not received a response so far.

Rodríguez’s body was found on May 1 floating in the San José lagoon, located in the municipality of San Juan, in northern Puerto Rico. The next day, the boxer turned himself in to federal authorities after an arrest warrant was issued against him for a complaint filed by the FBI.

According to the documents presented to the Puerto Rico district court, the Prosecutor’s Office and the investigative jury had enough evidence to press charges against Félix Verdejo.

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