Felipe Reyes | The great ones say goodbye

Joel gonzalez, gold and bronze; Felipe Reyes, two silver and a bronze; Joseja Hombrados, two bronzes. In the last two weeks, three illustrious people have announced your withdrawals at public events. All of them, Olympic multi-medalists. Also world champions, just like Joana pastrana, which will put the finishing touch this Saturday in Madrid with a fight with the European title at stake. At the top: on the ring and with gloves on. Taekwondo, basketball, handball, boxing … The variety shows the wealth of Spanish sport. The great ones say goodbye. And they will not be the only ones this season. Raúl Entrerríos He already said goodbye to Barça with the conquest of the Champions League and now he will dedicate one last Olympic dance with The hispanics in search of the gold that is missing from his record. In the air floats the imminent departure of two other historical figures, both 41 years old, although for now they have left a door ajar to the future: Pau Gasol, recent champion of the ACB, and Alejandro Valverde, ready to play the Tour. Old rockers don’t rust.

There is a certain feeling that 2021 closes a period of splendor. Many Olympians in Tokyo will not return to a Games. Some veterans are tempted to continue until Paris 2024, once the cycle is shorter this time, only three years. Lydia valentin He has already stated it in public. But logic points to myths like Saúl Craviotto, Mireia Belmonte, Gómez Noya, Laia Palau, Maialen Chourraut or Marc Gasol they will not parade anymore. Felipe was the last, after 1,565 games, 236 caps, 28 titles, 23 seasons… A great one. The pandemic did not allow him to say goodbye of the fans on a field as he wanted. Surely Madrid and the ACB can come up with a gesture. Enjoy each performance of these legends as if it were their last.

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