Feline flirt! Demi Rose wears huge charms in dress

Feline flirt! Demi Rose wears huge charms in dress | Instagram

Looking like a flirty and striking feline, the british model Demi Rose again caused some sighs among her millions of followers this thanks to a video she recently shared where she is seen showing off her huge charms.

Dazzle netizens to Demi Rose It is a fairly simple task to achieve, not for nothing today it has 17 million followers, a figure that has only increased a few days ago, but without a doubt it continues to increase day by day.

Being to this day one of the most important Instagram models on the Internet, she has already become a celebrity so her name is not difficult to know, those who meet her for the first time immediately become her admirers it is inevitable not to turn to see it.

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Because of the angle in which you appreciate her, she will always be able to cause a positive effect among her fans, being a curvy model she has established herself as one of the favorites of the show business, of course the “Russian Kim Kadashian” has competition among her. Anastasia kvitko, being that on some occasions they have been confused because there is a certain similarity between the two.

Something with which Demi Rose is still not surpassed by some models is the number of followers, in addition to sharing risque posts such as this video of her Instagram stories with which she managed to make more than one sigh.


In saying video She appears very flirtatious showing her charms carefully with this tight dress with narrow straps, it looks like a corset because of the tight shape it has, even though it only appears from the waist up. Demi Rose manages to steal attention, given that the top her dress does not completely cover her pretty and voluptuous charms.

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The song that is heard in the background is Continuum of TanerélleAs this melody plays, the UK-born model shows her complete beauty, her dress is in a leopard animal print so she looks like a flirty feline and so that the focus is on her face and the upper part of her dress.

The only thing that we can see that he is wearing as an accessory is a short bag that is hanging from his arm, obviously from a well-known brand that you will surely identify immediately.

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