Feline and naughty! Manelyk González shines from a yacht

Feline and naughty !, Manelyk González shines from a yacht (Instagram)

Feline and mischievous !, Manelyk González shines from a yacht | Instagram

The spectacular Manelyk González looked like a mermaid from an elegant yacht in the middle of the sea. The star of Acapulco shore She posed as flirtatious in a tiny leopard print two-piece swimsuit, bringing out her feline side.

Manelyk González She exhibited her beauty in all its splendor and conquered the front part of the yacht lying down and with its imposing curves; the sea became the perfect accomplice by filling the bottom with its clear blue.

With the Sun resting on her, the Acapulco Shore member showed off her anatomy in the beautiful swimsuit and complemented her outfit with sunglasses, chains and bracelets; but the accessory that stole all eyes was the flirty chain on her small waist, highlighting her marked abdomen.

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This beautiful woman finished shaking Instagram by casting an intense look on the glasses and with the very purposeful message with which she accompanied the photograph in question.

Ponte pa mi … , wrote the beautiful Manelyk González to describe her publication.

The star of MTV shared this publication a day ago and exceeded 180 thousand reactions on the famous social network; Furthermore, her followers could not contain the desire to tell her how beautiful she looks and even an “I love you” can be seen in the comments.

What nobody expected is that among those comments a negative one would be found, one person pointed out that everything was fine but that he had more than 10 million followers on the social network and his photographs did not even reach a million reactions.

Everything is fine and everything but you have 10 million and more but none of the publications or photos do not even reach a million likes , wrote Krindronaldivan.

But Jawy’s beautiful girlfriend does not focus on the negative and continues to triumph and delight her followers on and off the social network. Manelyk González has become a star thanks to the MTV reality show.


Recently, Mane and Jawy caused a huge stir by being seen in a photo together without any garment. In the now famous image, the couple appear from behind and show off their prominent rear attributes for the camera.

The couple frequently pose for magazine covers and such. Recently the beautiful Manelyk González He shared on his official Instagram account the cover of a magazine about bicycles in which both posed next to one.

They both dressed in dark clothes, Jawy wore sunglasses and a printed sports suit; while his beautiful girlfriend posed with a black latex miniskirt that made her look really flirty and a translucent blouse.

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Manelyk González, like his comadre Karime Pindter, has proven to be a fairly intelligent woman and make the best use of fame. Both have become Instagram stars with more than 10 and 5 million followers respectively and have also taken the opportunity to become models for various brands and all businesswomen.

MTV’s Matrioska took advantage of its fame to launch its own online flower shop with service in Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area; But what was most surprising about his business was the way he advertised it. The beautiful Karime made a video without any wardrobe and lying on the floor watching rose petals fall on her; something really spectacular.

The MTV member launched her flower shop on a special date, just a couple of days before February 14, it sure was a resounding success.