There are few people who know the reality of world tennis as well as Feliciano López. The Spanish player is one of the oldest in the ATP circuit, he has been the protagonist during his several decades in the elite of episodes of great importance for the future of this sport and since last year, he has been director of the Mutua Madrid Open. That is why his thoughts about everything that is happening in the world of tennis well deserve deep attention, trying to break down and interpret everything he said in an interview for the newspaper Sport. His call to order in world tennis is striking, stressing the need for the sports industry to take on changes after this crisis, as well as his opinion about what Roland Garros has done.

“I am very saddened by the current situation. Behind each issue hides a personal and family drama that needs to be addressed. It is great to see initiatives that have emerged within sports such as Pau Gasol and Rafael Nadal, which reaffirm its values ​​and social influence “, declared a man who describes the cancellation of the Mutua Madrid Open 2021 as” very painful but inevitable “, and who when questioned about when he thinks tennis will return to competition shows a certain pessimism. “Our sport is very special because of the participation in tournaments of players from all continents. It has a very global character, so I see it is difficult for it to resume in the short term, “he said.

Questioned by the economic losses of the Madrid tournament, Feli acknowledged that they will be “large”, but he wanted to make it less relevant in these times of health emergencies, and focused on reflecting on How the coronavirus can impact the status quo of tennis. “A crisis of this caliber will change things and tennis will have to reflect and make decisions in order to adapt to the new times. I believe that we have the responsibility, as individuals, to be fairer, more supportive and respectful, giving importance to things that really have, “he stated before referring to the unilateral decision of Roland Garros to postpone the tournament to September.

“What they have done highlights the various interests that govern our sport. It is a pity that there can be no unity even at this time,” said the Toledo, who denied the possibility of this crisis accelerating his withdrawal. “It has been a frustrated illusion the fact that the grass tour is canceled, but I still have the illusion to compete so while the physicist endures I will continue”, he declared Feliciano López, a man who still has a lot to say on the track and also off the track.

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