Feliciano López attacks Echenique after his conviction for false accusation of rape

The condemnation of the Podemos spokesperson in Congress is bringing tail, Pablo Echenique, to pay 80,0000 euros for attacking the honor of Manuel Lopez, whom in 2019 he accused of having raped the then candidate of Podemos for Mayor of Ávila, Pilar Baeza. A false accusation that the judge has dismantled and for which Echenique is receiving numerous criticisms and reproaches, as it cannot be otherwise.

One of those who has attacked the spokesman of the purple formation in Congress has been Feliciano Lopez, who is once again active on his social networks on issues of a political nature. The Spanish tennis player does not shrink from the attacks of the radical left when he expresses an opinion and has now charged Echenique with a harsh and elegant phrase: “80,000 reasons to be ashamed.”

It should be remembered that López was murdered in 1990 in a crime for which he was convicted as an accomplice the one who was an aspirant of the purple formation, Pilar Baeza. Although there was no proof that López sexually assaulted Baeza, Echenique assured the media that 35 years before “It was a raped woman,” and This false accusation has now been sentenced to pay 80,000 euros.

And that is what outrages Feliciano López, that the spokesperson for Podemos in Congress is guilty in such a serious matter. The tennis player is not silent and a few days ago he also exploded against the Government after approving the Budgets with the support of Bildu, charging in his way against the PSOE spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies, Adriana Lastra, for her explanations. “What a burden,” wrote Feliciano López in his profile after the last words of the spokesperson.