feel and speed [FW Labs]

The Playstation 5 (or PS5, whatever you want to say) has become an object of desire with few comparisons in the world of video games. It has been positioned as a phenomenon due to the enthusiasm it generates among the people and, of course, the shortage of the product due to the pandemic.

Those of us who have seen this in other markets, such as sneakers, are not strangers to the phenomenon, one that has now hit people who were not used to dealing with the « fomo ». Now it is not enough to have the money, you also have to be lucky and beat the resellers and their bots. At the end of the day, just like a new Jordan color, the PS5 has become the “must have” item, which speaks to its cultural impact.

We have been able to access it thanks to the brand, and leaving aside the context in which it is launched a bit, we will give our opinion on the four points that caught our attention and that we believe are worth talking about.

The new DualSense control is something special, but there are some doubts

Sony is no stranger to trying to innovate with controllers. It did it on the PS2 by putting integrated vibration, on the PS3 they had a gyroscope, on the PS4 a touchpad, and now all of the above but with a very advanced haptic system.

If you thought the Joy Con on the Nintendo Switch were good, this is about twice as accurate. Without going any further, the Astro’s Playroom game is pre-installed, which is a technical demo to get the most out of DualSense, and at the same time it is a title that can give you more than two hours of genuine entertainment, because it is a good platform juice. Don’t overlook it. In it, if you walk on sand, on ice or whatever, it feels different. The intensity of the blows and the speed of the « motor » allow a wide range of possibilities in order to generate more interesting experiences.




In addition, the L2 and R2 triggers can now have resistance, for example in the new Call Of Duty if you press a little you fire a shot, but if you pass the « threshold » set by the developer, you release a burst of bullets. In multiplayer it’s not an advantage, but it’s super immersive in story mode. Each weapon has its « weight » and it’s great.

If you add to this that it has an integrated microphone, as well as a speaker, it is a very new accessory compared to what they have done in the past.

The doubt? The touchpad of the control of the PS4, despite being very incredible for 2013, over the years the external developers were leaving it aside.Will they take advantage of the vibration and the controls for games that are not exclusive, after a few years ? Honestly, I don’t know but I hope so. It is the best control that Sony has created in its history.

The graphics are really advanced

In the world of computers, accessing a computer capable of playing games at 4K resolution, stable at 30 frames per second and with Ray Tracing (the advanced lighting and reflections system in real time) activated is a luxury that will cost you twice as much than a PS5 costs, and in a much larger package.

In 2020 and for several years to come this will continue to be a luxury and console gamers can finally feel reassured that, unless it is a PC of thousands and thousands of dollars, they will not be surpassed.

We talk about that there are games that can run at 120 frames per second, which is a beast compared to the generation -recent- previous. Of course, you have to have the correct TV to take advantage of it.

On the latter we can build a point that worries, and that is that television manufacturers have not managed to catch up with the power of these new consoles, at least in the moderately accessible ranges. If you want to get the most out of it with a new TV, make sure it has at least an HDMI 2.1 port, has a 120Hz soda cup, and at the same time can play 4K content with HDR. Today everything mentioned is not very cheap. Now, it is still going to look incredible even if you play on a monitor, but they are notes to keep in mind when upgrading.

The game catalog right now

In addition to Astro’s Playroom, we have been able to play the exclusive Spider Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, each with their own unique target audience and style. Pay attention to the reviews that already come, but I can tell you that despite being impressive, two of them are multiplatform and another is a remake of PS3. What I am going to is that there is not so much trouble regarding what is available now.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that practically all PS4 games run on the console and it is wonderful, for example, to give the Ghost Of Tsushima to 60 frames per second, or to reduce the load times of Red Dead Redemption 2 unless From the half. In that case, and if you already have a large collection of games to tackle, the experience is better here. Not all of them feature graphical improvements, but on the ground you will end up gaining hours in the long run with short loading times.

On the other hand, the console interface has also changed and for the better, being much more focused on games, which should always be the main thing, leaving the multimedia in another tab.

By pressing the Play control on your DualSense you can access a system of cards that show you, for example, your progress in a trophy, or they can even « teleport » you to one, as well as give you visual help to solve challenges. I think it has enormous potential, both in this and socially, where it is less tangled to join a group of friends and start playing.

The silence of greatness

Physically it is a daring console. It is evident that the designers did not think of it as a camouflaged device, on the contrary, it is the protagonist.

With the height of a 2-liter bottle of soda and the curves of what could easily be a skyscraper in Dubai, the PS5 is like Tony Stark’s mock-up before he built his tower in Manhattan.

Full of details and textures (just like in the DualSense), it is visually challenging and it is very complex that you are indifferent in your set. The fact that they have decided to go for white as the predominant color tells us even more about their intentionality in care. There will be people who will not like it, I feel that I got used to it, although its size still amazes me.

It can be used both vertically and horizontally and an included stand helps in both tasks to preserve air flow. And I was particularly eager to talk about this, because my PS4 Pro, being slightly demanding, began to sound like a fighter jet about to take off through the window. Here there is no noise, the silence that is achieved by its large design is appreciated, it speaks of that there are reasons behind its form factor. Now, I am waiting to tell you how I am doing in a few years with titles designed exclusively for the console and that they get all the juice. I hope it continues to work just as quietly.

For my part, I think that if you are a video game enthusiast, it is a purchase that, despite not being urgent and can surely wait a few months, will make you happy, because after seven years, this does feel like the future.