Federico Viñas and the message of his possible departure from America

It seems that the player of the America, Federico Viñas, is not quite well in Coapa, So much so that he sent an enigmatic message hinting at his departure from the club, something that fans have reacted negatively to.

The last weeks Federico Viñas has not had minutes with him America, reason why the annoyance of the player and therefore he spoke about it.

Through your Instagram account, Vineyards made it clear that he is not having a good time and has already awakened the mystery about his future in Coapa.

“’Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face,’ Mike Tyson. In the demanding, uncertain, volatile and complex world of sports (and in life), persevere hoping for the best, prepare your mind for the worst as well, and accept what comes … but do not resign yourself, “wrote the young man.

Some close sources have said that if you continue without adding minutes, Vineyards I would ask the board to leave the institution.

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