The world crisis of coronavirus his next victim was claimed today. The Tokyo Olympics, which were to take place in the summer of 2020, an even year, are postponed until 2021 due to the pandemic that has put the world in check. This, therefore, means that it will take us another year to see Olympic tennis, an appointment on the calendar that for some tennis players is marked in red. Among them, Roger Federer.

The rumors of the Swiss’s withdrawal, years ago, always pointed to the Olympic Games as a more than possible scenario to step aside. The gold medal in singles is that wound that eludes the Swiss, and the approach to said medal has always been a matter of highest priority for fans. However, in that tennis fiction exercise that involves theorizing about the retirement date, Roger has always taken our reason away from us. He did it after London, showing that he still had many seasons left at the highest level, and even after River. The fact of not saying present at the Brazilian event could have meant the end of Federer’s career in the competition, but the Swiss always took care to avoid the rumors. By 2020, four years later, his presence in Tokyo was fully guaranteed: summer was a top priority, and Federer took this into account when it came to surgery. Recovery times were clear: get recovered in the physical section both to Wimbledon like to date olympic.

Now the picture has changed. This tennis gap hurts many players on the circuit, but for Roger and his fans it could be a real blessing in disguise. I highlight the section of his fans, since everything indicates that Federer, in pursuit of being at the Olympic event, will play the 2021 season normally. Otherwise it would mean staying out of Tokyo, and that is something that did not enter the head of the Swiss. This new paradigm also coincides with the latest statements that the Swiss has made on the subject, of a rather optimistic nature. They took place in the run-up to their exhibition match against Nadal in Cape Town, South Africa.

“I have no news about my withdrawal, no intention of stopping“said the Swiss.” I think I can still compete at the highest level, as I demonstrated in Australia. You never know, but at the moment I have no plans to withdraw. I’m actually happy with how my season started. “

Some tennis players who were lucky enough to train with him have been able to suggest that the Tokyo Olympics could be a point to evaluate, make a possible decision. It was the case of Thanasi Kokkinakis, who shared trainings in Dubai on the month of January with Roger. The Australian commented that the Swiss “would see what to do” after the Olympic event. With the Olympic event experiencing this delay in dates, most likely, Federer will return to the circuit (if the pandemic allows it, in 2020; if not, in 2021) and have many tournaments and tours to get ready for the Most important season stretch: Wimbledon and the Olympics. Now, that possible summer of 2021 seems absolutely vital in the future plans of the Swiss. His soul friend, Stan Wawrinka, took the Olympic event even further and left the last proof that, almost certainly, Roger will be there:

See you in 2021!
—- ‍♂️ ——– #olympics #greatmemories #goldmedal #seeyou # 2021 #stayhome #staysafe

– Stanislas Wawrinka (@stanwawrinka) March 24, 2020

Given the hypothesis that Roger, regardless of his possible retirement plans, will continue playing in 2021 to give himself a new opportunity in Tokyo, we must review the last thing the Basel tennis player said about how he imagines his life after tennis, in an interview for the BBC. The Swiss described what terrifies him the most when he leaves the tracks: “I think that is not the most appropriate word. But perhaps, what I will miss the most will be adrenaline rush, all that. At the same time it is okay to get away from it. Yes, sometimes you have those butterflies in your stomach, and they are incredible, but when it’s all over, it’s okay not to have them, to have all that pressure of having to perform at your best. “It seems, though, that Roger must live with her at least one more year. Until we reach Tokyo 2021.