This Monday, Roger Federer surprised us all with a live appearance on the internet to present the launch of ‘The roger’, the sneakers designed by him together with the Swiss brand ‘On’. During all these last months, the Swiss has been working together with the company with which he has been collaborating for a long time and today has been the day where we have finally known what the first sneakers designed by himself are like and with which hopes to create its own brand that lasts over time as it happened with other athletes like Stan Smith or Michael Jordan, being the basketball player the most successful in history, giving him more than $ 1 billion in earnings with his Air Jordan in the last four decades.

Before the presentation, Roger answered some questions from the fans.

– What do you like most about fitness?

“There are more things that I don’t like than I do (laughs). I am a tennis player and I know that fitness is good for my game, it is something you have to do to be fit and not injure yourself, but for example, I don’t like treadmill or physical work since I have back problems. This is something that always cost me mentally, to stay motivated to do it often. I like mobility jobs and lifting weights, because when I finish I am in the same place where I started from, it’s not like running, I have to go to the forest and then make the way back, which is something that cost me mentally. “

– What is your pre-match routine

“I always had that fear of being late and missing a game, getting stuck in traffic. In the second part of my career, having children, I tried to be more organized to always be on time. I try to have my rackets ready, warm up well, Talking about tactics with the team, seeing what the weather is like … things to expect from myself and the rival, adjusting all that. They are very simple things, I’m not superstitious at all. “

– Your other favorite sports

“I watch tennis when I am competing in a tournament but when I am not, I really don’t see any tennis. I see other sports like soccer or basketball and if I am traveling, depending on where I am, I see American football, rugby, etc. But soccer I would say it is my second favorite sport because I also played it when I was little. “

– The victory of which you are most proud

“Maybe the 2001 Pete Sampras came as a surprise. He was the favorite. It was my first time at the Wimbledon center court and it was a very big moment for me. Beating Sampras at Wimbledon made me see that I could beat anyone at any That victory made me believe I could have a great career. “

– If a movie were made about him, which actor would you like him to do

“Leonardo di Caprio or Matt Damon. I think they both have tremendous talent, maybe one of them.”

Once that mini talk with the fans was over, it was time to present their shoes. The name speaks for itself. ‘The Roger, center court. 0 Series’. The Swiss explains that he has called them that because he loves to play in the central courts of tournaments and that with the 0 series he means that there will be more. Or at least, they hope so.

Roger Federer offers details of what can be found when wearing the sneakers. “They are very light, very comfortable. We wanted to follow in the wake of On, which are famous for those little clouds on the sole and make them light and comfortable. I wanted to incorporate the brand’s DNA into my style. This is me in some sneakers. They are classic , white and minimalist “, he assures.

Some may have noticed when seeing them, but it is good to highlight that they are sneakers for daily use, not for sports. At least, that is the initial idea although we already know that in the end it will be the user himself who determines when and where he wants to use them. What the consumer can be clear about is that they have the On style with the design created by Federer himself. “You can use them for sports, but they are designed for everyday use,” says the Basel tennis player.

Do you want to get hold of them? Not so fast. 1000 pairs have been created for the first launch. I mean, it’s a special edition. You can sign up on the On website and enter the draw to be one of the lucky ones to win a pair.