Federal government concludes rescue of miners


The government of Mexico The rescue of the bodies of the miners that they were trapped in the Muzquiz mine, in Coahuila.

At the morning press conference at the National Palace, the national coordinator of civil protection, Laura Velázquez, announced that the rescue of the last worker trapped in the mine was registered on Thursday night.

Miners from Micaran in Múzquiz, Coahuila died asphyxiated by submersion

They were seven days of intense work, where we were in a very organized way, in an absolute unit with the objective of rescuing the seven miners. Yesterday, sir, at 9:58 p.m. we rescued the last mining worker by the name of Juan Carlos, who is currently with his family, “Velázquez said in a video call from Coahuila.

The Secretary of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, detailed the deployment of elements of the armed forces that supported the rescue of the miners’ bodies.

The cash that participated are 166 elements: 145 Army personnel and 21 from the National Guard; 14 Army vehicles, three from the Guard; three aircraft of the Mexican Air Force, one of the Guard; and two doggie pairs of the Secretariat of National Defense.

All these personnel from their arrival made themselves available to the national coordinator of Civil Protection, the Secretary of Labor and the Secretary of Economy, who were responsible for coordinating all efforts there in the area, “explained the secretary.

The head of the Executive established that a week after the tragedy occurred at the mine, which was due to the overflow of a dam due to the rains and the water flooded the mine, investigations will begin to define responsibilities.

We are going to continue with the review, that there are no abuses, that workers are protected, what you propose that there is supervision, the non-repetition of these cases. Another stage is coming, this has to do even with the judicial and the investigation has to be carried out: why the collapse, if the mine was in working condition or not, if there was security, “said López Obrador.

He recalled that the current government proposed to rescue the bodies of the miners trapped in the Pasta de Conchos mine, in Coahuila, which is expected to be completed before the current administration ends.

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