Fed up breaks out in a migrant camp in Tenerife and ends in altercations with the Police

Riot police officers transfer a detainee from the Las Raices humanitarian camp after the altercations that occurred in the La Laguna camp (Tenerife) (Photo: EFE)

The situation of overcrowding and poor conditions in some camps in the Canary Islands is already “unsustainable”, according to the associations. Eight immigrants have been detained this Tuesday by the Spanish Police in an altercation that occurred in the Las Raices camp, in Tenerife. They complain about the bad conditions in which they live.

The Tenerife Migrants Support Assembly has denounced on social media that the inmates of this camp, which has 2,400 places, “can’t take it anymore” and relates the “riots” to the “inhuman conditions” they suffer there. As the Canarias7 newspaper has learned, the brawl began in the downtown dining room, with the scarcity and poor quality of food as the reason. The immigrants report that there is no food for everyone, which generates many moments of tension among the inmates.

He has also criticized the “repressive response” of the Spanish Government in the form of “police interventions in the face of what should be mediation and dialogue” with immigrants. According to the platform, these conditions of “extreme vulnerability” have become “unsustainable” this Tuesday and have caused “this Molotov cocktail to explode from within.”

This organization demands that the camps that “crowd thousands of people in an extreme situation” be closed and allowed to continue their journey to the rest of Europe.

The Canary Islands are under strong migratory pressure from the African continent, intensified in 2020, when 23,023 people arrived by sea irregularly, including Sub-Saharan Africans and Maghrebians, according to official data, due to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, which caused a serious humanitarian reception crisis.

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