Garbiñe Muguruza She has been one of the tennis players who has made the most of the forced stop in tennis. The Spanish woman with the best WTA ranking has not stopped training, but she has also taken advantage of these more than three months without competition to rediscover herself.

06/30/2020 at 11:01 CEST

This past Monday, ‘Garbi‘he went through the microphones of the radio program’ El Larguero ‘to explain what he has spent his free time and also to review his change in early 2020. As it could not be otherwise, the one in Caracas gave his vision about what happened on the Adria Tour and revealed that he has a certain “fear” when the competition returns. His most outstanding phrases:

Back to competition“Fear of what is happening in the United States? Yes, it is in my head, but I know that if they are going to do a sporting event they are going to do it well. Everything is very unexpected, something new comes out every day.”

About the Adria Tour. “No, I was not at Djokovic’s party. It was shocking news. It is a very delicate situation, you have to be careful when doing those kinds of events.”

Lockdown. “The confinement has been a shock, I have never spent so much time in the same place. I have taken the opportunity to rest”

Hobbies during the break. “I have cooked a lot. What is my star dish? What I like most is the sweet, mine is flan. I have done several courses, I have even done several interviews and I have written my first article.”

Mindset change in 2020. “I kept training very hard and I knew things were going to come out again.”

Role of Conchita. “It has had an influence on my recovery. It has been a bit maturing a little bit certain things and the experience too. It has been a combination of everything, there has not been something key.”