‘Fear The Walking Dead S6’: Who survives the final explosion?

Let’s remember that the end of season 6 of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ was, literally, explosive. Morgan (Lennie James) and Strand (Colman Domingo) were unable to stop Teddy (John Clover) from firing a 10-ball missile towards the outskirts of Texas. Of course, fans were very concerned that their favorite character might not have survived such an explosion. However, Ian Goldberg, showrunner of the series, has confirmed the good luck of one of them to reassure viewers.


Skidmark, Daniel Salazar’s (Ruben Blades) cat, was supposed to be right in the blast zone. But, thanks to Strand, the two were reunited safely. This was confirmed by Goldberg through TWDUniverse on Twitch:

Skidmark is safe. He is safe. Don’t worry, he didn’t end up in bomb territory. So I hope that reassures you.

Although we all care more about the cat, of course, it was also confirmed that Rufus managed to get out of there alive:

There was already enough sadness in this last episode to make sure Skidmark survived.[RufusandSkidmarkthey’rebothfineIcanconfirmthattheyarebothfine[RufusySkidmarkambosestánbienPuedoconfirmarqueambosestánbien

Still, the fate of many characters was left open, or rather dramatically closed. We can say that neither Teddy, nor Dakota, nor Rachel, nor Rollie nor Riley survived … The next season of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ will return to an anthology format, which promises new characters and stories.

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