FC Bidezarra takes the three points after thrashing Corellano at home (4-0)

06/26/2021 at 10:18 PM CEST

The Bidezarra won 4-0 at Corellano this Friday on the last day of the Second Phase of the Third Division, ending their time in the competition with a victory. The FC Bidezarra He came to the game with strengthened spirits after achieving a 1-2 victory against the Txantrea. On the part of the visiting team, the Corellano lost by a result of 5-6 in the previous match against the Peña Azagresa. With this result, the Noain set is sixth, while the Corellano It is fourth after the end of the match.

The first team to score was the FC Bidezarra, which premiered the luminous through a bit of Echavarri in minute 8. Noáin’s team joined again, increasing the gap to 2-0 thanks to another goal from Echavarri, thus completing a double shortly before the end, specifically in the 40th, thus ending the first half with the score of 2-0.

In the second period came the goal for the local team, which increased its scoring account with respect to its rival with a goal of Ekiza at 72 minutes. After a new play, the score increased FC Bidezarra, who distanced himself through a goal from Osés on the verge of the end, in 89, ending the confrontation with the result of 4-0.

Noáin’s coach gave entry to cross, Ekiza, Lizarbe, Martin Y Sandua replacing Sanchez, Ferdi, Big, Lânz Y Joy, Meanwhile he Corellano replaced Basketmaker, Zufia, Sancha Y Nico Biesa for Ruben, Isaac, Ayensa Y Chicho.

At the moment, the Bidezarra he gets 35 points and the Corellano with 41 points.

Data sheetFC Bidezarra:Alegría (Sandua, min.75), Tirapu, Lânz (Martin, min.75), Ferdi (Ekiza, min.67), Castillo, Osés, Echavarri, Grande (Lizarbe, min.67), Sánchez (Cruz, min. 60), Mikel Mahugo and ChasCorellano:Ucar, Isaac (Zufia, min.33), Fran Sainz, Arellano, Simón, Chicho (Nico Biesa, min.48), Garbayo, Asier Liroz, Rubén (Cestero, min.6), Monreal and Ayensa (Sancha, min. Four. Five)Stadium:Goals:Echavarri (1-0, min. 8), Echavarri (2-0, min. 40), Ekiza (3-0, min. 72) and Osés (4-0, min. 89)

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