FC Barcelona: Koeman and Piqu asked the referee to cancel an expulsion

The first friendly pre-season match of Bara 2021-2022 ended with a clear victory for Johan Cruyff against Nastic de Tarragona (4-0).

In the second part, King Manaj, with three goals, and another of Alex Collado with some fortune they unbalanced a game that in the first had been difficult to open to the most starters: Piqu, Dest, Sergi Roberto, Umtiti …

The game was broken before the break, when the referee of the match understood as tred card an entry from Quintanilla to Riqui Puig on the edge of the reto.

Rigorous the less and more considering that the meeting was friendly and that the teams at this point prefer to measure themselves as equals so as not to unbalance their preparation.

Tarragona players protested the decision, making the referee see the little significance of the match and that the entry had not been violent either for the offending player to be expelled.

At the end of the game, on the RAC1 microphones, the visiting technician, Ral Agn, confirmed that both Ronald Koeman and Gerard Piqu had insisted on the referee to cancel the red and return eleven players from the rival team to the field.

“Koeman and Piqu have asked the referee if we can continue playing 11 against 11, but He has answered that the regulation does not allow it. Koeman has come to tell me that I would try to convince him, “said the Nstic technician, who was grateful for the action of both.

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