FC Barcelona: Camp Nou will have a spectacular surprise for the 21/22 season

FC Barcelona has started to renovate the pitch of the Camp Nou with a view to the next season, a job that in recent years has been carried out every summer and that will end in the last week of July to face the Joan Gamper Trophy and the start of official competitions.

The change begins with the removal of the topsoil, the root layer, the fibers, and the sand. Although part of this sand is reused and mixed with a new one with adequate agronomic and mechanical qualities.

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After leveling the base, the new sods are laid. This task is carried out at night taking advantage of the optimal conditions of temperature and humidity. Once put on, they are hybridized by sewing them with state-of-the-art machines to achieve the best results. Finally, fertilizer review and administration tasks are carried out, among others.

The Camp Nou has used a hybrid grass since this system was implemented in the 2016-17 season to reinforce the 100% natural grass. This system provides more uniform traction and stability of the pitch throughout the year, according to the experts.

The natural grass is selected from several nurseries throughout Europe, and it is transported to Barcelona in refrigerated trucks that travel during the day to proceed to the laying of the grass that same night with the aim of minimizing the stress of the operation and avoiding the hours maximum heat. This makes the implantation time of the grass longer, about 2,000 m2 / day, but ensures its ideal adaptation.

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