FC Barcelona – Cádiz live

Minute 45. 🕘 REST IN THE CAMP NOU! Cádiz holds up as best the siege of Barcelona can, which wins with Messi’s penalty goal. BARCELONA 1-0 CÁDIZ.

Minute 43. ❌ GOAL CANCELED TO PEDRI! Offside prior to the canary’s shot, which he finished in the small area after a rebound.

Minute 39. ❌ GOAL CANCELED TO DE JONG! He receives up front and beats Ledesma, but he was clearly ahead.

Minute 33. HAS HAD THE NEPHEW TIE! Center from the band just off center, Negredo goes to the near post, finally combs Lenglet and falls to Sobrino, who arrived alone in the race and finishes with his knee. He skims the pole.

Minute 32. 🎯 GOOOOOOOOOL OF MESSIIIIII! GOOOOOL OF BARCELONAAAA! He deceived Ledesma and the ball meekly enters the goal. BARCELONA 1-0 CÁDIZ.

Minute 30. 🚨PENALTY IN FAVOR OF BARÇA! Salvi commits it on Pedri.

Minute 29. WHAT A PARADON OF LEDESMA! Messi hit it from the front looking for the squad and the goalkeeper of the Cadiz to save the first.

Minute 20. Messi hits it up. His shot went wide from 25 meters. It is played in the territory of Cadiz, although the Barcelona he is not capable of dismembering the wall planted by Cevera.

Minute 18. The one that Messi has had! He had space and received a pass into the hole of Busquets, but Fali jumped on him and sent her out.

Minute 16. Alba hits it and the ball skims the post.

Minute 15. Corner for him Barça, after a center that Ledesma cleared in a spectacular way.

Minute 10. Foul that Messi throws and Ledesma stops. Total domain of Barcelona.

Minute 5. Negredo wanted to go out on the counterattack, but Lenglet avoided it with a foul. It can be dangerous Cadiz leaving fast.

Minute 2. Messi interned in the area to receive from Pedri. Fali endured very well, who charged him and ended up clearing the danger from the cadista area.

Minute 1. 🕛 ROLL THE BALL ON THE CAMP NOU! The first game on Sunday of this day 24 of the Santander League. BARCELONA 0-0 CÁDIZ.

13:58. ⚽ Everything ready at the Camp Nou. Players jump onto the pitch! Referee Martínez Munuera, assisted in the VAR by González Fuertes. About to start the Barcelona-Cádiz!

13:52. 🐐 Messi today has the opportunity to get top scorer in the Santander League. The Argentine has scored four goals in his last three games in the championship and is one of his friend Luis Suárez in the fight to be the top scorer.

1:48 pm. It is surprising that today Koeman repeats the same team that fell to PSG, due to the sensations they transmitted. The technician of the Barça today before a Cadiz that has its main danger to the counterattack, where it can put the culé defense in a lot of trouble, that if there is something that it does not have it is solidity.

1:40 pm. The Cadiz, for its part, it started the season as one of the revelation teams, beating Real Madrid and Barcelona. However, after the victory at Carranza, which catapulted them to the top of the table, they have taken six points out of 36 possible, which has led them to be three points behind relegation.

13:30. Those of Koeman carry without losing in Santander League since December, when they did it, precisely, before the Cadiz, on matchday 12. However, the sensations of the Barça they can’t be worse. It seems that in the League they sweep against lower level rivals, but that they do not give them against the greats. Proof of this are their defeats this season against Madrid, Atlético or Sevilla and, in Europe, against Juventus and PSG.

13:23. The Barcelona arrives launched in League, but with obvious doubts after the tough defeat in the Champions League. There are difficult moments in Can Barça, although today they have a golden opportunity to get excited and re-engage in the fight for the title.

13:17. 🟡🔵 The Cadiz de Cervera will seek surprise with: Ledesma; Iza, Mauro, Fali, Espino; Sánchez, Garrido, Perea, Jairo; Negredo and nephew.

13:10. 🔵🔴 Repeat eleven Koeman! The FC Barcelona He comes out with the same players who were at the start against Paris Saint-Germain. The Dutch coach leaves with: Ter Stege; Dest, Piqué, Lenglet, Alba; Busquets, De Jong; Dembélé, Pedri, Griezmann; and Messi.

13:00. Buenas tardes! The FC Barcelona receive the Cadiz from 2:00 p.m. and on OKDIARY From this moment we will tell you everything that happens at the Camp Nou today. Day 24 of the Santander League has put up the fight for the title and those of Ronald Koeman want to get hooked on the fight as well. In front, the Andalusians, who already gave the surprise in the first round, by winning at the Carranza in early December.

You can not forget the tough defeat in the Champions League, but yes that the Barcelona He is obliged to win today to improve his image and to keep some option in the League, where Atlético has given them the opportunity to hold on to the fight for first place. They come after seven consecutive victories in the domestic competition and where they have not lost since matchday 12, against their rival today.

The Cadiz need like eating the points. Álvaro Cervera’s men already know what it is to win against Barça this season, but since then they have not added three again. But since that victory that catapulted them to the upper-middle zone of the table, they have only added six points. Seven defeats, three draws and only one victory since then for the yellow team, who have brought them dangerously close to relegation, which is three points behind.