The businessman, who manages various reggaeton artists, had a house and a commercial premises raided

During this quarantine, Raphy Pinamanager of Daddy Yankee Y Natti natasha, she has shared images of how much fun she is having on a yacht in the middle of the sea with her children, Natti and visits from Daddy and up to Ozuna. But everything seems that this paradise has been interrupted by agents of the FBI.

The American federal authorities confirmed that they raided a property of the music producer in Puerto Rico and a business that he allegedly has on the island as well, according to the press spokesman for the FBI, Limary Cruz Rubio. Nevertheless, Raphy and his lawyer do not know why, since the manager has not lived in that house for a long time and sold it 8 months ago.

On the other hand, the FBI also raided a local called Rogelio’s, allegedly owned by the producer Rafael Antonio Pina Nieveswho is nothing but Raphy Pina. Regarding this, the spokeswoman for the FBI He said the legal measure revolves around an investigation of alleged acts of money laundering.

Raphy Pina Nieves had faced a process in Federal court in 2012, when he was charged with money laundering for the sale of a property in Palmas del Mar However, in 2007, he was found to be innocent of those charges, and has never had to deal with authorities until now.

Rogelio’s is a business selling gasoline, ice and liquor. Supposedly Raphy paid for the business, but the documents show the previous owner as the owner, according to the Puerto Rican newspaper The Spokesperson.

The raid of Rogelio´s it started at 6 in the morning and ended at 1 in the afternoon. Authorities took computers, cash registers and documents from the scene. The investigation is under the prosecution Myriam Fernández.

Meanwhile, Pina’s lawyer, Edwin Prado, he told the newspaper The Spokesperson, who for now, had no comments to make about it.

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