FBI arrests terrorist husbands in New Jersey: “We want to kill

FBI arrests terrorist husbands in New Jersey: “We want to kill American.”

Miami World / NY Daily

James Bradley and his wife Arwa Muthana, both US citizens, were arrested by the FBI at a Newark (NJ) seaport and accused of attempting to support the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization.

The journey of the spouses

Bradley, 20, and Muthana, 29, residents of the Bronx (NYC) and Alabama, were arrested Wednesday while allegedly trying to board a ship to travel abroad to fight ISIS, the Department of Justice (DOJ) said Thursday. USA.

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The young Bradley “allegedly pledged devoted allegiance to ISIS, expressing his desire to ‘fight within the ranks of the Islamic State,'” Audrey Strauss, federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, said in a statement.

Bradley had also talked about attacking the US Military Academy at West Point, New York, or another place where military recruits train, along with his wife, who allegedly also pledged her support for ISIS, Strauss said.

Forces of order

The couple planned to travel to Yemen aboard a freighter in an attempt to stay away from law enforcement.

“As Bradley suspected, he and his wife were on the radar of law enforcement – he was entrusting and planning his terrorist trip with an undercover officer – and his plans to carry out attacks against the US have been thwarted.” .

Both Bradley and Muthana were charged with two counts of attempting and conspiring to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization.


Both crimes carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, Fox News said.

“Both are accused of betraying this country and will now face the consequences of these actions in the US justice system,” said Deputy Director Jill Sanborn of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division.

Muthana reportedly told officers after her arrest that she was willing to “fight and kill Americans if it was for Allah,” according to the statement.

The detainee is the sister of Hoda Muthana, who left the US in 2014 to become an ISIS girlfriend, according to AL.com.

Then in 2019, she “regretted” that decision, after surrendering to coalition forces, but a US judge ruled that year that she would not be allowed to return because she is not a US citizen.