Fátima Molina regrets that a possible change in the schedule of the telenovela in which she stars is because she is a brunette – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

The actress Fátima Molina asked to break with stereotypes, when responding to the comments that suggest that the telenovela, “Te acuerdas de me”, starring alongside Gabriel Soto, will change the schedule, because people don’t like it because “it’s a brunette ”.

“I don’t know if it’s just gossip. Much less did I have any idea that some people in the audience say it’s my fault, it’s physical, because I’m dark, because I have a mole under my eye, because I’m not tall, ‘because I’m very Mexican,’ “wrote the actress on her social networks.

“The truth is I have no idea whether or not our telenovela ‘Te acuerdas de me’ will change from primetime, as they say someone commented,” Molina added on the subject, after the versions that this production no longer appeared on the “Las Estrellas” channel at 9:30 pm, prime time.

Molina, who had previously acted in “Diablero” and “Narcos”, regretted that “if that is true, we will have to deal with discrimination” because of his skin color or appearance.

“How sad that in these times for some it is impossible to break with the stereotypes that you yourself as a public continue to mark for television,” he said.

However, some tweeters pointed out that the fault that the telenovela has not been accepted is not Fatima, but Gabriel Soto, the other protagonist.

Some recalled that Gabriel Soto is no longer popular with viewers for his infidelities and scandals, although others simply mentioned that new faces and better stories are needed in productions.