Father disguises his daughter as a princess every day to encourage her in quarantine. | Instagram Special

Father disguises his daughter as a princess every day to go out and throw out the trash and so they make a short walk that not only encourages the little one, but all the neighbors who have been touched by this love story.

And is that pandemic It has been difficult for the whole world, but if something weighs on a mother or father, is the pain of seeing your children locked up and desperate to go out and enjoy the sun and all the beauty of spring.

The pandemic it has also become the stage to show great acts of humanity and now, it is this man and his daughter who make the whole world fall in love with their great complicity, because he also disguises himself as the accomplice of the princess in turn or even the charming prince.

Various studies speak of how important a good relationship with her father is to a girl And this example makes clear the great lesson of love that will mark his future life, his love relationships and even his expectations when he decides to create his own family.

The moving images of the man who made his daughter a princess

It was through social networks, where the history of this Spanish family was made known, that every time they go out to throw the garbage, they do it following all the sanitary recommendations, but also giving a show of love and illusions.

Since Spain appear this man and his daughterWho, when leaving the garbage, walk a few meters from the door of their house dressed as a very special duo, a princess and her best friend, sometimes even a princess and her charming prince.

His name is James and could not be more proud of his girl, daily shares the costume of the occasion in Instagram

The couple from “Beauty and the Beast”, Rapunzel and her faithful chameleon, Elsa from Frozen and Olaf, in addition to “Wonder Woman” and “Batman”, are just some of the characters that this father and daughter have made real , cheering on your neighbors and children around the world.

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