Father Aristeo Baca is found guilty of sexual abuse in Chihuahua

A Trial Court declared the father Aristeo Baca guilty of the crime of rape and aggravated sexual abuse to the detriment of a girl then 8 years old.

In an Oral Trial, the State Attorney General’s Office, through the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Women, criminally accredited guilt against the accused, the Chihuahua Prosecutor’s Office announced in a statement.

“With testimonial evidence from at least 20 witnesses, official expert reports and documentary evidence, the Public Ministry of the Sex Crimes Investigation Unit of the FEM, proved that the defendant sexually assaulted the victim at least three times between the years 2015 to 2018. ”, the statement detailed.

The evidence presented at the trial indicated that the accused broke the trust relationship and took advantage of the access he had with the victim, who at that time was serving as an altar girl in the Santa Maria Parish in Ciudad Juárez, where the accused officiated mass.

The events were reported in 2019, when the family began to notice the rejection of the affected person towards the father and that was when he finally decided to tell what happened to his family.

Elia Orrantia, director of Sin Violencia AC, an organization that contributes to the defense of the minor, remarked a few weeks ago to MILLENNIUM the importance of this case, being the first in which a priest is brought to trial in the entity, for which he recognized the courage on the part of the family and the victim to be able to report it.

Next March 1 the hearing will be held for the individualization of the sentence, when the judges will issue their verdict regarding the penalty to be met by the accused.