As you will remember, at the beginning of this year we informed you about an ambitious plan by Aksys Games for the Nintendo Switch in the West, one that focused on the premiere of six visual novels that stood out for being of the otome type. Some of them like ~ Guardian of Rebirth ~ and ~ Future Blessings ~ They have already reached the market, so today we have to know more details about the rest.

Enchanté coffee

First of all we have Enchanté coffee, a game in which we will put ourselves in the shoes of Kotone, a young woman who inherits her grandfather’s coffee shop in greater Tokyo. The cafeteria is not what it seems, because it is the meeting point for beings from mystical worlds and thanks to this you will be able to meet the king of demons, a fallen angel, humanoids and more, much more.

Everything seems to be idyllic and calm, but the arrival of the members of a government agency specialized in supervising non-human activity in your cafeteria will end that calm and fill the history of various situations. The game will be released in September this year.

Piofiore: Fated Memories

The next game on the list will lead us to power struggles and betrayals in a world where nothing is personal and everything is usually a business matter. Piofiore: Fated Memories It tells us the story of Liliana Adoronato, a young woman born and raised in a church located in the heart of the Italian city of Burlone.

The city is controlled by three criminal organizations, and Lily discovers that she is the center of a gang dispute, and her encounters with the leaders of the Falzone, Visconti and Lao-Shu families will lead her to the dangerous and murky world of the mafia. . A world from which there is no turning back (apparently). The game will be released in October 2020.

X Malice Necklace -Unlimited-

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Finally, we have the trailer in English of X Malice Necklace -Unlimited-, a game that already has a classification and that will take us back to the world of Collar X Malice to show us an exclusive interlude, post-story content and more. In this case I will not make a great description, because if you have not played the original, perhaps you will appreciate coming to the premiere with all the surprises that this edition has for you.

By the way, it is the first time that X Malice Necklace -Unlimited- it can be enjoyed outside of Japan and its premiere is very close. You can enjoy in August of this year.

And yes, I am aware that a week has passed since the NGPX, but it never hurts to give a place to visual novels of the otome type and show options to all those people who have an interest in the genre but do not dare to give step.