Fastly blames software bug for huge global internet crash

AMSTERDAM, Jun 9 (.) – Fastly Inc., the company involved in a major global internet outage this week, said on Wednesday that the incident was caused by a bug in its software that was triggered when one of its customers changed its settings. .

Tuesday’s drop raised doubts about the dependence on the Internet of some infrastructure companies. The Fastly issue brought down high-traffic sites, including news providers like The Guardian and The New York Times, as well as British government sites, Reddit, and

“This disruption was extensive and severe, and we truly regret the impact on our customers and all who depend on them,” the company said in a blog post written by Nick Rockwell, its senior engineering and infrastructure executive. As he indicated, the problem should have been anticipated.

Fastly operates a group of strategically located servers around the world to help its clients move and store content close to their end users quickly and securely.

The company post provided a timeline of the events and promised to examine and explain why Fastly was unable to detect the software bug during its own testing process.

Fastly said that the bug was in a software update sent to customers on May 12, but it wasn’t activated until an unidentified customer performed the configuration and caused the issue, “which caused 85% of our network to return. mistakes”.

Fastly detected the drop within a minute of occurring at 0947 GMT, and engineers resolved the cause at 1027 GMT. Once the setting that triggered the problem was disabled, most of the company’s network quickly recovered.

“In 49 minutes, 95% of our network was functioning normally,” the company said. Its networks fully recovered at 1235 GMT and it began rolling out a permanent software solution at 1725 GMT, the firm said.

(Reporting by Toby Sterling; edited in Spanish by Carlos Serrano)

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