Fastly blames a technical failure and not hackers for the fall of hundreds of web pages worldwide

The UK Government website Gov.UK was also down due to a global Fastly glitch.

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SAN FRANCISCO / MADRID – A problem in the cloud computing service provider Fastly on Tuesday left dozens of internet pages around the world totally or partially out of service, from the media to shopping platforms such as Amazon, musicals like Spotify or institutional websites.

The San Francisco (California) -based company claimed to have identified and resolved the error, bringing its global service network –specialized in improving page loading time and web applications – back online.

“The problem has been identified and a solution applied. Customers may experience a greater load of origin as global services return ”, indicated Fastly on its website, which throughout the day has been uploading messages every ten minutes with the corresponding news.

The problems on the media websites, social networks, and online shopping platforms began around 6:00 a.m. EDT.

Two minutes earlier, at 05:58 ET, Fastly posted an incident stating “we are currently investigating the possible impact on the performance of our CDN services (content distribution networks) ”.

At 6:44 AM ET, the company claimed that it had identified the problem and was trying to find a solution.

Slow loading of pages

Finally, at 6:57 GMT the company claimed to have resolved the bug, although it warned that perhaps customers could be experiencing slower loading of the pages.

Minutes later, on his Twitter account, Fastly explained: we identified a service configuration that caused interruptions in our POPs (thousands of small and dispersed points of presence) worldwide and we have deactivated that configuration. Our global network is back online. “

Panda Security rejects cyberattack

According to Hervé Lambert, global head of the consumer area at Panda Security, there are no signs that there is a cyberattack behind this episode, but rather that it would only be a technical failure.

Fastly is a provider of CDN (Content Delivery Network) services, geographically distributed server networks, that competes with firms such as Cloudfare, KeyCDN and Amazon CloudFront.

These types of companies are repositories of a lot of information and they serve not only to deposit it, but to share it quickly.

The fall left dozens of internet pages around the world totally or partially out of service, including those of newspapers in their digital version such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Financial Times or Le Monde, and platforms such as Amazon or Twitch .

They were also affected by the drop in services websites like CNN, Hulu, HBO Max, Reddit and the main website of the UK Government.

“Fastly error: unknown domain:”

When Internet users tried to access the CNN website while the failure lasted, they found the following message: “Fastly error: unknown domain:”.

Last November, the cloud computing service Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most widely used in the industry, was also interrupted for several hours on the US East Coast, preventing the operations of thousands of web pages and platforms that are based on it.

Among the companies affected by this service interruption were the manufacturer of the streaming device Roku, the chain of department stores Target, the software creator Autodesk, the digital security service Ring, the publishing group Tribune Publishing and the Metropolitan Authority of New York City Transportation.

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