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Have you heard of green juices? Now that there is more information about the importance of good feeding, this drink has become one of the most popular and celery is undoubtedly a star ingredient. What you did not know is that by itself it is a great Home remedy, These are the benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach.

The celery It is used in the preparation of various foods, it is even an option for a healthy snack, but if you turn to its juice You can also enjoy great benefits, so it is a constant beauty tip in magazines or recommendations of nutritionists.

It is important to emphasize that the celery juice by itself it will not work miraculously, you must complement it with a good feeding and go to the doctor if you notice discomfort after taking it, but the percentage of allergies is very low, therefore its great popularity.

The celery juice it has benefits for your health and beauty how:

Combat fluid retention.
 Eliminates toxins and detoxifies the body.
 Fights constipation.
 Fights gas and bloating.
 Reduces the discomforts of the menstrual period.
 Reduces heartburn.
 Regulates blood pressure.
 Reduces appetite.
 Due to its magnesium content, it helps reduce stress levels.
 Fights cellulite.
 Helps cleanse the kidneys.
 Contains anti-inflammatory properties.

How to make your own celery juice

To prepare the celery juice and enjoy its benefits you only need to liquefy a celery stalk with a glass of water and drink, if the flavor is very strong you can add a little green apple and / or pineapple. The best is take it on an empty stomach to enjoy its benefits throughout your day, twice a week.

Fasting celery juice benefits. Pexels

Remember that when you take the concentrated juice from a fruit or vegetable you increase the intake of natural sugars, so you should consume it in moderation. If you have any questions, consult your trusted doctor.

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