‘Fast & Furious 9’ consulted NASA to make the scene in space, which started as a joke

When rumors began to surface that the ‘Fast & Furious’ saga was preparing its biggest jump, that of space, practically all of us laughed. Look, we’ve seen Toretto and his family do crazy things in the eight movies we’ve run, But the space? It sounded absurd even to them. And yet we have already seen in the trailer for ‘Fast & Furious 9’ that when this family proposes something, they get it.

Executive producer Josh Henson admits to Vulture that yes, the ‘Fast’ thing and the space started as a joke: “Almost like a joke, we put together a proposal that said, ‘okay, Dom and the others go to the moon and do A race with cool rovers on the moon and Dom breaks his. And the bad guy is about to run away but he’s close to the Apollo 11 area. And he finds the original lunar rover and gets back on the run. ‘ We did it as a joke, we showed it to Justin (Lin) and we laughed a lot. But then Justin said, ‘Well maybe there’s something here’“.

They also laughed at NASA

Justin Lin began to think about the possibility of making something similar to reality and decided to consult real experts in the field at NASA: “Going to space was not something that I took for granted or that I was terrified of. It is something I had many conversations, many conversations. And it went from rocket scientists laughing and saying ‘what the hell’ to us saying, ‘Well, can it actually happen? What if other space scientists have to go up there and the capsules are covered by these polymers? Bla bla bla’. It is something that was thought. In fact, logistically, scientifically, it’s one of the wiser action scenes in our franchise.“The director affirms that he did not leave a doubt without asking in his conversations with NASA, from if it was directly possible to how much gasoline they would need and if a car could hold out of the stratosphere.

To find out if they have even managed to make us believe that ‘Fast & Furious’ can make the leap into space, or if on the contrary they have ended up jumping the shark, we will have to go to the cinemas to see for ourselves as of July 2, the date on which ‘Fast & Furious 9’ is released in our country.

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