‘Fast & Furious 9’ connects with the first film in the saga and Toretto’s origins, according to Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel, protagonist and producer, leader and patriarch of the Fast Family, continues 20 years later talking about his Dominic Toretto with little stars in his eyes, a passion that accompanies him throughout the 42-minute interview he has just given to EW, a podcast in which he shares details of the entire ‘Fast & Furious’ saga, remembering how he took his first steps two decades ago in the middle of a world and a film industry that have nothing to do with the current ones … Especially in terms of diversity, a task that this successful Universal franchise has never had to do..

In the second we met Roma (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris), Suki (Devon Aoki), in the third Han (Sung Kang) … But from minute one we have a character not so common for the time: a Latin protagonist, a woman who also had the respect of her colleagues and ran in illegal races like the others. “It wasn’t common in movies,” Diesel recalls. “If you imagine 20 years ago, in the 90, that Michelle Rodriguez would become this iconic figure … But no one like her would have conquered millions of people around the world who have connected with Letty.”

Letty the third leg of that tandem they made up the character of Paul Walker, Brian, and that of Diesel, main focuses of the saga until the tragic death of Walker, that they fit in from the get-go. “We got along well from the beginning. I met him testing cars for the film, because in ‘Fast’ we do casting for the cars, they have to fit the character, and seeing how that sibling relationship was formed added something special to the film“. Much has happened since that first meeting, both on and off the screen, something that for this saga has resulted in such a crazy evolution of its plots that now every movie more than a blockbuster is a super-hyper-mega production or something like that, causing Diesel to value every tip. “That is my mantra. Recently I was asked if I continue to listen to advice from the studio … I listen to advice from my stuntman, from the drivers … I listen to advice from any human who takes a second to think about this tremendous saga that we are trying to make … I listen to advice from my five-year-old son! “

Beyond confessing how crazy he becomes thinking of possible unexplored paths, Diesel advances that in the next adventure we will go back to the past, we will go to “before the first movie” which will make us “understand even more” that start. “That’s great. We’re going to meet family members you would never think we would meet … It’s going to blow the fans away. We wanted to know, Where was Dom before he became Dom? Who were your influences? It’s a very interesting and fun story to watch. “

A brutal scene

“Why are you laughing uncle?”, Dom asks a more than ignorant Brian in ‘The Fast and the Furious (Full throttle)’. “Because I almost beat you.” “That you almost beat me? You haven’t beat me at any time. You haven’t even controlled your car.” “It was that moment that founded ‘Fast and Furious’ and made it gain a foothold in popular culture, becoming a world saga “, Diesel remembers. A scene that now we will have the opportunity to live in another way.

It was the biggest scene we had in the movie in any way, because it was the one in which more people surrounded us and also those who appeared on the scene they were actually drivers participating in illegal races, which were transmitting a very authentic energy to us. It helped Paul and I really break down that moment. “A mythical moment from the start of the saga that Diesel has revealed, We will have the opportunity to “revisit from a different perspective” by the hand of ‘Fast & Furious 9’, which finally opens in theaters on July 2.