Fast food: horror stories about some of the most famous chains

These are just a few of the horror stories associated with poor hygiene and compliance at numerous famous fast food chains.

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It is nothing new to talk about the high consumption of fast foods in the United States, the data does not lie: It is estimated that 80% of Americans consume fast food on a monthly basis. To be more precise, on any given day, approximately 36.6% or the equivalent of 84.8 million adults consume fast food. At this point, it is undeniable to talk about the devastating health consequences that are related to an excessive intake of fast-food, the truth is that everything influences: its high caloric value, sodium, refined sugars, saturated fats and chemicals. Not in vain has it been positioned as one of the main causes of chronic diseases throughout the world.

Probably few of us stop to think about the proper handling of sanitation laws (approved by the FDA), that these types of fast food chains must follow and in a certain way we assume or want to think that they are complied with. However, many break these codes. Which leads us to tell some scandal stories that have topped the most popular fast food chains around the world. Without a doubt after reading this you will think twice about fulfilling guilty fast food cravings.

1. Subway’s chicken sandwich is actually soy

We do not want to start with such sad news, especially for lovers of a fresh Subway sandwich, which we tend to classify as one of the “healthier” alternatives. Although the supply of vegetables is vast and colorful, the problem comes more deeply, especially with the quality of the proteins. It turns out that in Canada there was a case that undoubtedly left a lot to think about: Subway chicken products only contained about half of the chicken DNA. Canadian broadcaster CBC took on the task of examining chicken from various fast food chains and found that Subway’s breast meat was 54% chicken and chicken strips 43%. The CBC lab didn’t believe it, they repeated the test five times but still found that the “chicken” portion is primarily soy and other fillers, of rather doubtful quality.

2. Taco Bell Diners Hospitalized for Dirty Lettuce

At this point, it is crazy to understand that such a famous fast food chain is not capable of fully carrying out a practice as basic as disinfecting vegetabless. The story goes that in 2006 five places in the United States – New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and South Carolina – reported E. coli outbreaks at Taco Bell. The consequences? 71 people were hospitalized for severe abdominal cramps, fever and diarrhea. Of which 8 developed kidney failure. Investigators set out to uncover the culprit who turned out to be infected lettuceAfter these devastating cases, the states enacted stricter laws on the management of leafy greens.

3. Fecal matter in Starbucks iced coffee

You will never see iced coffee the same. Without a doubt, one of the favorite sweet cravings of many, especially in the hot season, is enjoying a Starbucks iced coffee. However a BBC series found that iced drinks from Starbucks, Caffe Nero and Costa Coffee ccontain high levels of fecal bacteria Worst? There are reported cases throughout the country. It is clear that the presence of these bacteria that are associated with illness and food poisoning, should not be present at any level. Company spokespersons told the public that they would take steps to prevent these sources of disease.

4. Four children died from Jack in the Box hamburgers.

Probably all children love to enjoy fast food, especially considering that various chains always offer special menus and surprises for them. Sadly in the Northeast Pacific, in 1993 the San Diego-based Jack in the Box chain was responsible for a major E. coli outbreak and the consequences were devastating: the bacteria severely sickened 600 people and killed four children. The chain blamed its meat supplier, however the United States Department of Agriculture said the bacteria would have died if in the food processing operation would have cooked the burgers to 155 degrees (a state requirement), instead of the federal standard of 140 degrees.

5. McDonald’s head nuggets

One of the most iconic and sold items on the McDonald’s menu are nuggets, they are also children’s favorites. However there is a rather nasty story about them, in Hampton Roads, Virginia, a mom found a fried chicken head in her nuggets. Katherine Ortega stated in The Daily Press: “I noticed it had a beak and eyes. I screamed. “ The response from the chain was quite limited, they gave him the option of getting a refund or more nuggets. Ortega refused, chose not to sue, and decided to cook more at home.

6. Acrylic nail on Taco Bell nachos

The worst snack ever, if you thought that taco Bell nachos are a great alternative to snack on while watching your favorite series or some sport You’ll probably change your mind! In Lake Wales, Florida, a woman found an acrylic nail on her nachos, which they hadn’t asked for. It turns out that in a Taco Bell service a couple’s order was confused and in compensation the employee gave them an order for nachos with cheese. The terror was that while the couple ate, the woman discovered an acrylic nail buried inside. After becoming physically ill upon seeing it, they told the manager, who gave them the wrong number for Taco Bell’s corporate office. Once they got in touch with the company, they declined the $ 40 gift card the company offered them and promised never to eat there again.

7. Better skip the McDonald’s dessert

In July 2017, a McDonald’s employee in LaPlace, Louisiana was fired for exhibit a video showing the immense amount of mold that ice cream machines contain. As part of the 18-year-old employee’s statements to BuzzFeed, he noted that he thought the machine was being cleaned regularly and confirmed that employees were never instructed to clean it. A McDonald’s spokesperson said the tray Nick found did not come into contact with the ice cream.

8. Taco Bell forced to reveal mysterious and harmful ingredients

In 2006 there was an increase in various studies focused on discovering about the real ingredients that the food industry usually uses. And based on this, Taco Bell worldwide had to share the Mysterious ingredients that make up the other 12% of its 88% stuffed beef. The 2006 results were approved by the FDA, but they remain concerning. The beef contained soy lecithin, maltodextrin, lactic acid, and caramel color, among other things. Taco Bell tried to explain why they often add these chemicals. However, it left a bad taste in consumers’ mouths.

9. Drug cartel at McDonald’s drive-thru

One of the worst McDonald’s stories of all time happened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The restaurant was serving heroin Happy Meals through the drive-thru line. McDonald’s diners just had to say the secret message: “I’d like to order a toy.” Undercover agents set about unmasking what was hitherto a myth, paid former employee Shantia Dennis $ 82 for the $ 2 meal, and discovered 10 small bags of heroin inside the Happy Meal. Of course, the woman was charged with heroin possession, among other charges.

10. A bullet in the iconic Costco hot dogs

Believe it or not, this happened in Irvine, California – a Costco customer found a bullet in his hot dog and it’s pretty serious. Turns out Olivia Chanes swallowed a 9mm bullet while eating one of the classic Costco hot dogs, which to be honest is one of the most iconic items on your fast food menu. According to the victim’s statements to the Los Angeles Times, she first thought it was her braces, but quickly realized otherwise and the X-rays revealed a bullet in her stomach. Police questioned Costco employees and searched the remaining hot dogs, but found no more ammunition.

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