Fashionable, comfortable and beautiful, Maribel Guardia shows off her abdomen

Fashionable, comfortable and beautiful, Maribel Guardia shows off her abdomen (INSTAGRAM)

Fashionable, comfortable and beautiful, Maribel Guardia shows off her abdomen | INSTAGRAM

The radiant actress, singer and host Maribel Guardia once again demonstrated through her social networks that nothing can stop her when it comes to physical activity and healthy living, as she revealed her surprising anatomy in a new photograph.

In addition, it is not at all a secret that the beautiful Maribel is one of the most beloved stars of the show and with one of the most incredible bodies, because at her age she still looks like a young girl or even better.

We cannot fail to mention that the Costa Rican He has built an impeccable career full of great successes, in addition to the fact that at almost 62 years old he can boast of a stunning silhouette, thanks to his arduous gym routines and an impeccable diet, showing once again that age is certainly not a limitation to stay active and fit and clear, look and feel good.

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In addition, Maribel has an account at Instagram with almost 6.5 million followers, and is that, thanks to her beauty and talent, she has managed to capture everyone’s attention, becoming the darling of the mexican television, and whenever he has the opportunity, he boasts of having a full life, with a slightly accelerated pace, where he divides his time to be able to dedicate a space to keep himself in perfect shape.

Proof of the latter is her most recent publication that the actress shared on her official account on Instagram, in the entertainment piece you can see the beautiful Maribel with a sports outfit of fitted shorts with an Asian-style neck crop top, enjoying equipment placed in your home gym.

Posing discreetly sitting on one of the leg machines, we can see Maribel very relaxed, looking to the side, she placed one hand on the top of the exercise machine and the other on her small waist, making the most attention to be captured in this zone.

In addition to the fact that we cannot pass up that the abdomen of the beautiful woman born in Costa Rica is totally impressive, with all her perfectly toned muscles and we can clearly notice that her skin is quite firm.

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Nor could she fail that beautiful and flirtatious smile that characterizes her, the same one she uses to make any viewer fall in love, so it was to be expected that her millions of followers would react by giving her more than 84 thousand likes and hundreds of comments that flatter her incredible beauty. natural.

We know well that the beautiful driver likes two-piece sports outfits too much, although, we are accustomed to wearing some that outline her silhouette more than others, in any case, she shows off her enviable figure in all of them, and in the case of This was no exception, in addition to looking completely fashionable, very comfortable and youthful.

And we have seen her in outfits of all kinds and of all existing colors, well, she knows perfectly that she looks good and for that reason, when she is dedicated to doing her exercise routines in her personal gym, she is used to to share pictures of herself while working out, or sometimes before or even after her workouts, but looking great in her outfits.

She almost always chooses to wear them with long sleeves, because as we well know, in her city of residence, the weather is freezing and while she is sweating during her routines, she can get sick if she is not covered enough, perhaps for this reason we have seen her lately. train from inside the gym and not in your garden.