The comedian Fary finds himself accused on the web by an Internet user who has decided to share the experience she would have had with the latter. We tell you everything!

As Moha La Squale and Romeo Elvis find themselves accused of sexual assault, a young internet user has decided that it is time for her to share her story. It is using the #BalanceTonHumorist that she spoke on the web.

The pretty brunette named Swan on Twitter, accused Fary for sending him inappropriate photos.

#BalanceTonHumoriste: Fary accused by a user of having sent photos of his private partsFary

The sexual comments he would have made

Fan of Fary, the young woman had liked an Instagram photo of the comedian to notice, some time later, that she had received a message from her idol. The latter would have quickly asked him for his Snapchat account.

It is via the social networks that he would have him then sent a photo of his privacy! Subsequently, Fary would have shared a “boomerang” of his anatomy, adding: “You would like to have it in your mouth? “

Seeing that she was not responding, Fary allegedly deleted the young woman from her Snapchat contacts. While months later, she decides to contact him again to tell him about one of his show dates, Fary allegedly threatened her, asking her to delete the photos she could have kept from their last exchange.

A race for the buzz?

Many Internet users have shouted at the buzz. Several of them believe that the young woman is trying to gain popularity. She made it clear that this was absolutely not the case. She did not say she was traumatized by this experience but just wanted to talk about it.

I did not heat it. At no time did I send him nudes, at no time did I say that I wanted to sleep with him. Yes I told him I liked his style but that’s it. Consent is on both sides.

After learning about the young woman’s accusations, Fary sent her Instagram private messages that she did not hesitate to share. The comedian accuses him in turn of wanting to make the buzz, declaring in passing:

Did I push or force you to do something you didn’t want? Alala this generation eh. We are two adults, we talked, we warmed up, period.

The young woman, who unveiled blurry photos on her Instagram account, should say more soon. She told an internet user:

I had to shoot the videos. Take the photos and conv. I will post all of this today.

A rising star of humor

Fary became known by participating in the show On n’demande en rire on France 2 in 2010. He subsequently participated in the Jamel Comedy Club and even managed to broadcast his shows on Netflix.