Farewell to Arturo Casanova, voice in “Matrix” and “Príncipe del Rap”

Goodbye to Arturo Casanova, voice in “Matrix” and “Príncipe del Rap” | Instagram

The voice actor, Arturo Casanova, who lent his voice to characters from various series and movies such as “Morfeo”, “Matrix”, “The Prince of Rap”, and even “Rocky”, lost his life last Sunday, July 18 in the City of Mexico.

Apparently, it was a disease related to the liver that will end up claiming the life of the voice actor, Arturo Casanova, although so far, it is unknown what was the true cause of his departure.

The talented mexican actor He lent his voice to series like “The Prince of Rap” where he played “Uncle Phil Banks” as Morpheo in “The Matrix” and “The Matrix Reloaded”, in “Spider-Man” 2 and 3 as Uncle Ben and even Silvester Stallone in Rocky Balboa, however, his career is even longer.

Arturo Casanova, was also part of the world of infantile and anime series, which today mourn his departure. Another of the outstanding actors of the union, Juan Carralero, also lamented this great loss.

Through his social networks, the Mexican Carralero would have dedicated a message to the late artist:

My dear friend my Uncle Phil, he has just left for the great east, DEP great Arturo Casanova, wrote Juan Carralero. The message was rescued by loyal movie and television fans, who sent their condolences to Casanova’s family.

It was also the site specialized in the world of dubbing World dubling who would have spread the news through a message on social networks.

We regret to announce the sensitive failure of voice actor Arturo Casanova (RIP D) known for being Gold Roger in the first One Piece dubbing and Gamabunta in Naruto. We send our condolences to the family in the face of irreparable loss. Shared the site.

The also voice of entrance of the popular saga “The Knights of the Zodiac”, had its beginnings in this race during the decade of 1980. Being part of projects like Overwatch, Sonid Underground, in “World of Warcraft” like “Archimonde”, Tahm Kench “from League of Legends, Thanatos from SMITE and the Leader of the Order of Saint Dumas in Batman in the video game world.

Who played King Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Gods and Dartagan in Zach Bell, Ruff in the “Galactic Falcons” and “Brutus” in “Popeye”, would have perished for one “hepatic encephalopathy“, according to versions transcended.

After circulating the irreparable loss of the talented actor, several expressions of solidarity and condolences have been turned over to social networks to say goodbye to the great interpreter.

A great of the Mexican dubbing leaves, but he left a bit of him, in each performance he did.

Not by god, no more losses. Rest in peace king of dubbing

Another great one that will fill heaven with beloved characters. My condolences.

In truth, he was one of the best and above all an exemplary person. His legacy will be remembered and we will always keep it in our memories.

May Arturo Casanova rest in peace. Strength and resignation for family and friends, were some of the messages from Internet users.

On the other hand, so far in 2020 and 2021, the show has faced the loss of several of the great national and international artists, a great majority of them due to “sanitary contingency”.

Such was the case of actor Osvaldo Trejo Rodríguez who lost his life due to complications derived from the condition, at the age of 32. It was his partner and friend, Lalo Garza, actor and dubbing director, who cloned the unfortunate news at dawn on May 6.

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