Fare prices, possible cuts, investments, all for 2021

The crisis in the Argentine economy, increased by the pandemic and the quarantine, caused many of the problems of 2020 to pass to 2021.

Perhaps one of the main problems to be solved is linked to tariffs, which were frozen again during the current government but which had had a strong rebound during the administration of Mauricio Macri. But they were so far behind that Macri’s increases were not enough to remove all of the subsidies.

Now the problem returns. Rates were back behind schedule, but with the crisis it is very difficult to talk about tariff readjustment. The truth is that at this rate, companies maintain that power outages may return in the summer.

The Government took note of the situation and although they do not talk about increases for the very short term, they are studying alternatives to be able to raise rates in 2021.

The Secretary of Energy, Darío Martínez, does not want percentage increases for the total population. In a way In the Government they endorse a differentiated tariff plan, where there are increases but also the subsidies to the most vulnerable sectors are maintained.

On the other hand, Martínez’s task is to focus on the Gas Plan, which was officially presented on Monday and whose goal is to promote investment and promote employment in the sector.

In this sense, yesterday Martínez said that the Government will promote the projects for the Investment Promotion Law and Minimum Budgets for Environmental Protection as complementary regulations to the Gas Plan.

Martínez spoke at a virtual event organized by the Argentine Institute of Oil and Gas. It was there, according to ., that the official stated that with the Plan Gas aims to reach 30.8 billion cubic meters in four years and also seeks to regain the confidence of the hydrocarbon industry, which was affected « by contradictory decisions in recent years. »

The Gas: Ar plan schedule will be specified with the opening of envelopes, scheduled for Thursday, December 3, and with the completion of the corresponding awards for Tuesday 15 of the same month, through a mechanism that guarantees transparency and competitiveness between the producers.

The companies say the prices of all fees are still behind. That without prices, investments come in less quantity. Yesterday, for his part, the Argentine ambassador to the United States, Jorge Argüello, said that American companies are investing in Argentina.

For now, everything happens for 2021, like the final rearrangement of fuel prices. The question is whether it will happen by 2021 and it will be resolved as companies want or how the Government wants.