‘Fantastic Animals 3’ would have an epic final scene that has taken weeks of filming

The incorporation of Mads Mikkelsen to the team of ‘Fantastic Animals 3’ has been exciting, not only because it has been affected by the controversial departure of Johnny Depp, but because it has occurred in unprecedented circumstances. The departure of Depp, whose personal life ended up having such public repercussion that Warner Bros. asked him to abandon his role as Grindelwald, were joined by the consequences of the coronavirus that affected the filming of this next film as has happened with so many other Hollywood productions.

In the middle of this situation, Mikkelsen landed on the filming set of this proposal set in the universe of ‘Harry Potter’, a film that was back to work after the forced confinement that caused the COVID-19 pandemic. According to USA Today, this caused the rest of the cast of the film, led by Eddie Redmayne, to make a special effort to welcome the new Grindelwald. A) Yes Redmayne, tried to make Mikkelsen feel at home, despite the fact that this interpreter joined for an epic scene that involved a confrontation with the character of Eddie. In fact, according to this North American media, when Mads arrived on set, had to face three straight weeks of face-to-face battle with Redmayne and fully immerse yourself in a spectacular sequence that would be part of an epic ending.

“I’m just a guy trying to fill these shoes that someone else has been wearing,” says Mikkelsen. “It’s hard to get to three months of filming while replacing someone like that so they did their best to make me feel at home, and each of them knocked on the door of my trailer. “

No “copying” Johnny

When it comes to filling those second-hand shoes, Mikkelsen was clear about one thing: he could not pretend to emulate Depp’s work, less if we take into account that his performance was very well received among fans of this fantastic world. “Nobody cares if I try to copy [a Depp], that would be an immediate creative suicide, especially considering that [este papel] it has been interpreted before and in a masterful way. Then, everyone hopes we find a different path“The actor recently stated.

“Starting from this base, we need a bridge between what he did and what I am going to do, so together we will have to find those bridges, either a certain look, or an attitude depending on what situations, but you have to make it yours. Anything else would be just creatively stupid. “

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