Fantastic 4 comic book review no. 28

FF # 28_cover

Original edition: Fantastic Four 27 / The Fantastic Four v7 128
Departure date: April 2021
Script: Dan Slott
He drew: RB Silva, Juanan Ramirez and Zé Carlos
Format: Staple. 24 pp. In color
Price: € 3.00

In the previous issue we leave the fantastic 4 being the guardians of the eternal portal, a door at all points in space and time. The first Marvel family used it to return the members of the Future Foundation to earth, after this, a horde of aliens crossed the portal as they fled from The Suffering, enemy of the 4 F, who comes to Earth.

The story continues (Eye, contains spoilers, in case you haven’t read this issue yet, skip this part) with the 4F moving the aliens to their headquarters on Yancy Street, a mess for the humans still living on that street. The aliens upon discovering that Franklin Richards is among the ranks of the superhero quartet, they come to him as their savior, for he was the one who created their worlds, but the deified image of Franklin falls to the ground when they discover that he no longer possesses his powers and must be helped by his mother Sue Storm. In the meantime, Reed prepares numerous contingency plans to stop The Suffering who is about to arrive through the eternal portal and one of those plans consists of: leaving his son Franklin the armor that Tony Stark made for him.

Fantastic Four # 27 comic interiorFantastic Four # 27 comic interiorOn general lines, we are at the end of the second act and leaving us with honey on our lips to see the final conclusion of the third act of the plot arc, so we recommend acquire and read before the anterior staplethe number 27) as the reader may miss important pieces of the plot. The story is set with the classic touch what did they bring Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, combining in an outstanding way the multiversal problem with La Doliente and the family problem, where we see how classic characters like Reed and La cosa encompass parental issues.

In references to rhythm, Dan Slott combines plot play to keep distracted the reader and to the villain La Doliente, in this case so that we do not realize the stratagem that Mr Fantástico carries out using his ingenuity to defeat her while the family plot unfolds where the message that Slott sends to the reader is that there is no greater happiness for a father to see his children happy.

Fantastic Four # 27 comic interiorFantastic Four # 27 comic interiorWe can’t forget about highlight to the most important characters inside the staple. Slott began the arc by distributing the protagonism not only in the original quartet but also in his descendants (Franklin, Valeria and the adopted children of Ben and Alicia) I think that the classic reader could grind it because it was seen that the former Spiderman screenwriter I wanted to give a generational change or add more weight to the offspring of the 4F. In this staple the weight goes back to the original quartet and to Franklin (creator of the worlds of these aliens) with a magnificent success, not only providing the group with the heroic burden, but also the role of parents concerned about their children who, in order to continue seeing them happy, are capable of facing cosmic entities.

We arrived at artistic section, where we meet some RB Silva, Juanan Ramírez and Zé Carlos superlativesThe design of the aliens is great (a server loves monsters and rare species, what are we going to do?) reminiscent of designs used by the Great Guillermo del Toro and other majestic ones. The quartet is lovingly drawn, which can be perceived by the reader, as this group is a fundamental pillar for Marvel.

Fantastic Four # 27 comic interiorFantastic Four # 27 comic interior

With each passing month I feel more comfortable reading this collection. It is perceived that both scriptwriter as cartoonist they go in unison and are increasingly synchronized and accommodated (Especially Slott, Silva from minute 1 was seen in “his sauce”). A plot and a drawing capable of capturing both novice and veteran readers. On the cover, above the title “Fantastic Four” reads the subtitle: The best comic in the world!They are getting it, they have left me wanting more and that is appreciated when reading.

You can purchase “Fantastic Four No. 28” here.

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