“I was born in Barcelona, ​​on 11/10/66. I am a musician by birth, tall, skinny, ridiculous, public, thug, lunatic and more than anything else, person”, is the letter of introduction from Pau Donés de Jarabe de Palo in their social networks.

The musician is back in music, and since he released his new single Tragas o escupes, the 53-year-old musician has continued to receive congratulations, blessings, and thanks from his fans around the world.

With his return to music, the Spanish singer-songwriter shared new images, in which his face shows the weight loss that he has starred in in recent months.

It must be remembered that Pau Donés was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2015, and in 2017 a relapse occurred that led to a temporary farewell to music.

The musician has confessed that the love for music, the stages and the public have been part of his resistance in the worst moments of the illness, which despite its harshness, does not break it.

“What you give me is the way I have to thank you for the generosity that you have shown me, and that it has always been much more than what I really deserved,” were some of the messages that the singer has shared.

Jarabe de Palo will be back

Pau Donés remains active on social networks, and despite staying socially isolated, he has given some good news to his followers.

“Can I tell you a little secret? In these 2m2, what will be the next Jarabe de Palo album was born. Small, modest, but a beautiful place, very inspiring, next to the Pacific Ocean. Will I never forget the half year we spent here? # jarabedepalovuelvo “.

Fans hug Pau Donés in the distance

The Spanish singer continues to receive good messages from his followers on social networks, something he appreciates because they keep him positive in health and illness.

“I stopped by to tell you that I can’t stop listening to it”, “Thank you Pau, for being the rhythm and melody of my life”, “I adore you and I love you with all my being, I hug you strong warrior !!”.

“Strong Pau! Always forward”, “Come on Pau of course, if this work is beautiful and all that you have given us! Pa ahead with life! Yep!”, Are some of the messages that the musician received daily.