By Rodolfo León
05/22/2020 7:46 pm

Wednesday of this week was perhaps one of the most important for fans of DC, and perhaps one of the most important for the film industry in general. After many years of petitions, campaigns, rumors and speculation, Warner Bros. finally agreed to release the anticipated “Snyder Cut” of Justice League on the platform of HBO Max. Now, fans also want to see the “Yesterday’s Cut“, An edition of the director David Yesterday and his movie, The Suicide Squad.

Many believed that the movement #ReleaseTheSnyderCut It wasn’t going to transcend social media, but Warner executives listened and now it will finally come true. Shortly after the premiere of The Suicide Squad, another movie by DC who was also embroiled in controversy due to her mishandling of characters, rumors began that Yesterday He had a very different idea than the final product, but unfortunately it was not developed due to a creative conflict between him and the producer.

Taking advantage of the momentum of Snyder Cut, fans of The Suicide Squad they launched a petition to request that the Yesterday’s Cut, the rumored edition of the director David Ayer. However, it wasn’t long before he himself Yesterday decided to stop the train a bit through his account Twitter, where he shared the following message:

“It just isn’t my intellectual property. I love Warner Bros. – it has always been my local local studio ’I fully respect and support the incredible path in which they are leading the DC Universe. My Suicide Squad edition might just be a rumor. And that’s fine. ”

Knowing how passionate fans of DC, the idea of ​​seeing this version in HBO Max It doesn’t sound like such a crazy thing, but surely it will take many years for the doors of this possibility to open.

Source: David Yesterday

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