Fans manage to finish Pokémon Red in the image of a user on Twitter

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Fans are always finding new ways to play their favorite titles. We recently informed you that many Pokémon followers on Twitter decided to play Pokémon Red through the image of a user on the platform and, as strange and ineffective as the idea was, they managed to get it.

The Twitter user and programmer Constantin Liétard (screensakes) at the beginning of January began the project of playing Pokémon Red together with other Twitter users through his profile image, which would change every 15 seconds after receiving comments from other users. Well, after 40 days and more than 90,000 comments on the Twitter thread, the players who embarked on this adventure finally managed to finish it.

The winning team of the project, which was known as Twitter Plays Pokémon, managed to arrive with the Elite 4 (High Command) and with a team made up of Alakazam (level 48), RYUKAHR (Dragonite, 55), HOPE (Lapras, 41), MARSHALL (Growlithe, 41), LUKE (Dodrio, 41) and CHAD (Zapdos, 53) were victorious over Blue after MARSHALL delivered the final blow.

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These are the Pokémon that entered the Hall of FameThese are the Pokémon that entered the Hall of Fame

Team Rocket wanted to ruin the feat

The road was not easy, because recently a group of trolls, referred to by players as Team Rocket, tried to stop the experience, releasing the main Pokémon of the protagonist’s team, which was a very sad moment because they It took place in a surprising way and the players had to say goodbye to the precious creatures. Fortunately, the players recovered and found a strong team to continue the adventure.

As we mentioned, Liétard saved all the images of the project and has just shared a video with the entire adventure in fast motion, so if you missed any moment or wonder how this feat was possible, you can check it out in the video below.

You can even see at the 1:06:38 mark the tragic moment when Team Rocket ditched almost all of the player’s main Pokémon and left only Alakazam on the team.

You should know that the project is still underway and after winning the victory against the High Command and the Blue Champion, the players were able to face Mewtwo and capture him a few hours ago.

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What did you think of this project? Did you participate or do you plan to do it? Tell us in the comments.

Pokémon will be 25 years old next week and, since yesterday during the Nintendo Direct The Pokémon Company did not share anything about its games, it is likely that a Direct focused on the franchise is in the making. We will keep you informed. If you want to check more news related to Pokémon, we invite you to visit this page.

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