fans found a person with jeans in the series

In The Mandalorian we have been able to see many very peculiar characters, one of them is a guy who wears jeans, very rare.

The Mandalorian is, without a doubt, the iconic series of Disney Plus, that series that everyone wants to see and one of the reasons why you hire the service to start.

That is why, just as with all the great productions in the world, there are characters who managed to find very interesting errors, within them, there is a background actor wearing jeans.

This is familiar to us

Very much like the Starbucks glass that we saw in front of the mother of the dragons from Game of Thrones at the time, the jeans that appear in The Mandalorian do not make any sense within the Star Wars universe, because jeans are garments created by human beings, on planet Earth, just a few years ago.

The problem is that Star Wars takes place a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. So seeing jeans in the series would not make sense at all.

Now, surely you can say: this is just a minor problem, it can be fixed digitally, just like it happened with the Starbucks glass in Game of Thrones. That could certainly be the case, but The series has been on the Disney Plus platform for a long time and it seems that not only have they not fixed it, but they really do not care anymore.

The fact that people are rediscovering it long after its original release, means that it is very likely that we will not see the jeans removed in any way, maybe they just decided it was a hilarious detail to remove, or it might even have been a hidden secret.

But that person hiding with a normal shirt, a pulse watch and the aforementioned jeans it will be part of the Star Wars universe and that makes us smile at how silly and fun it is.